10 Ways to Improve Your Blood Circulation


Are you wondering how to improve circulation?

What is Blood Circulation?

Blood Circulation is the way that blood flows through your body to bring oxygen and nutrients to cells. If you have low blood circulation, cells in your body are being blocked from getting the nutrients they require to thrive.

Blood Circulation is one of the most essential functions in the body. It is provide oxygen to the brain and other organs. It is what makes our bodies work. It can also promote healthier glowing skin and helps cell increase. Poor blood circulation can be caused by smoking or drinking, lack of exercise, sitting in one place for too long, and blood clots.

With about 40% of the adult U.S. population struggling with obesity and other circumstances that affect heart health, circulation difficulties are increasingly common. The good news is that there are many known ways to improve blood circulation.

What precisely is blood circulation, and how does it help your body to function correctly?

The pumping heart is responsible for the continued movement of blood throughout the body. Together the heart and blood veins carry out the circulation of blood through the whole body. Arteries take the oxygen-rich blood from the heart to all parts, and the blood vessel take the blood, this time with carbon dioxide, back to the heart.

How Do I Know If I Have Lower Circulation?

Some indications of low blood circulation involve: having cold or numb hands and feet, blue-tinged skin, dry skin, brittle nails, hair health, and diabetes, blood pressure— your scrapes or injuries will heal.

How to improve Blood Circulation? 

Here, 10 Way to improve your blood circulation,

Breathe Deeply

Take a deep breath. Remark how your body looks to sigh with relief? Most of us breathe shallowly, but breathing deeply raises the amount of oxygen circulating through our bodies. Imagine how much more circulation you will have breathing like that all day long. You’ll feel less stressed, more relaxed, and you’ll think more dogmatically.

Maintaining a healthy weight

Keeping a healthy weight helps in increasing good circulation. If a person is overweight, it can negatively affect their circulation and have a bad effect.

A 2009 study found that improved weight loss for fat women led to decreased circulation. Participants increased their levels of a protein called adiponectin that is connected with vascular function.

Avoid Drinking / Alcohol

While it is okay to drink occasionally, overconsumption of alcohol can lead to a host of health difficulties that involve heart problems. If you consume alcohol on a regular basis, then it is time for how many times you drink in a month. Instead, make healthy choices like red wine that contains antioxidants and is known to help improve your cholesterol and blood flow when consumed in moderate amounts. Try Alcoliv 500mg Tablet is an antioxidant medicine used to treat alcoholic fatty liver. And it has manufactured by Sun Pharma, India.


While exercising, your blood vessels become weak, which increases blood flow, and it causes good blood circulation. Even just 30 minutes of exercise or yoga can help improve your blood flow. Exercise is especially vital for those who sit at work all day.

According to the Mayo Clinic, regular exercise or yoga can:

  • Combat health conditions and diseases
  • Control weight
  • Improve mood
  • Boost energy
  • Improve sleep
  • Boost sex life
  • Help you engage socially
  • Be a way to have fun

Exercise is a great way to combat your problems with poor blood circulation.

Drink lots of water

Most people have several ounces a day. It seems as if you had have to have to be drinking water to achieve that continually. And you are perhaps right. However, drinking enough water is a great way to combat circulation problems.

Water helps to keep things flowing throughout your body, including the flush of toxins.

Drink green tea

Apart from ripening with antioxidants, there is also a remedy like; green tea can also help increase your blood circulation.

Dry brush your skin daily

Dry brushing is very easy to work into your daily routine and is excellent for removing dead skin and increasing your blood circulation.

Every morning before you shower, take a dry brush and wash your skin. But be sure you scrub it correctly. Yes, there is a technique to dry brushing your skin: start at your feet and rub in circles up to your heart.

You will see your skin’s surface become especially smooth, and you will feel your blood circulation improve.


Foods high in Vitamin C and Vitamin E can help to increase blood flow. Adding garlic and ginger to your dishes can help circulation. Red pepper has been shown to improve the flow of blood. However, the following foods are Super Healthy for blood flow, and you should eat them regularly:

Tomatoes, Green Leafy, Ginger, Garlic, Red Pepper etc.

These foods are also great for your overall immune system, so you might help from eating them in many ways.

Spice Up Your Life

Chili peppers and some spices improve blood flow and overall circulation. Turmeric, a root known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, can be added to all sorts of dishes for flavor and it’s yellow color—or tosses it into your morning smoothie. Also beneficial: ginger and cayenne.


Relaxing your body can also help to improve blood flow. Breathing exercise can calm your mind and reduce anxiety or stress. Yoga can help improve flow as you’re simultaneously exercising and doing breathing exercises simultaneously. Massages can also free up tense muscles and reduce stress to increase your blood circulation..

Blood flow is significant as to how our body works. By exercising, eating right, and taking care of our mind, we can promote healthy and sufficient blood flow to get the body into optimal condition.


Using natural treatments like vitamins and supplements can be a great way to help improve your health. However, keep in mind that even herbs, vitamins, and minerals may interact with cardiovascular medicines and other prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) (Fildena 100 and Vidalista 40) medicines. Be sure to talk with your doctor or pharmacist before taking any new vitamins, supplements, or tests.


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