15 Reasons Tina Turner Simply the Best Is Going to Be Big in 2022

Tina Turner

Sure, it’s a long way away, but 2022 is still closer than you think. What will people be talking about in 15 years? Well, if the latest predictions are anything to go by then Tina Turner Simply the Best will be back on top of her game!

So what does that mean for us? Well we can’t tell you exactly what Tina Turner Simply the Best has up her sleeve but considering she’s been around since 1962 and never really goes out of fashion – well 15 Reasons Tina Turner Simply the Best Is Going to Be Big in 2022 seems like an inevitability.

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So who is Tina Turner Simply the Best? A singer, dancer and actress with an illustrious career that has spanned over 60 years. After establishing herself as a major player in London’s club scene during the 1960s, she had her first number one hit record in 1964 when “A Fool In Love” topped the charts for 15 weeks.

Tina was then offered a contract by Ike Turner to join his band as lead vocalist which they called ‘Ike & Tina Turner Revue’. They toured America together before moving back to England where they recorded their best-selling single – River Deep Mountain High (1966). This song also went on to be voted at number 57 of Rolling Stone magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time list.

Tina Turner Simply the Best also has 15 Grammy Awards, an Order of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth II and was inducted into Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame in 1991.

The name ‘Simply the best’ is fitting for her as she is a legend who will be remembered long after we are gone. And now that Tina Turner Simply The Best Is Going To Be Big In 2022, this legendary talent’s hits should only become more popular!

So what other qualities does Tina have? She came to fame at age 19 with Ike Turner Revue (1962-1976). But it wasn’t until 1981 when she became a solo artist following her divorce from Ike. Born Anna Mae Bullock on November 26th 1939 in Nutbush, Tennessee.

She has a net worth of $200 million and is the proud owner of 15 Rolls Royce cars!

inducted into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 1991. She also won 15 Grammy Awards and an Order of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth II for her contribution to music. Tina Turner is one talented woman!

One magazine’s 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time list had “Proud Mary” coming in at number 39 on their list with Rolling Stone Magazine naming it as Number #412 on its Top 500 songs ever list – which makes this song more popular than what people might think! (Source: “500 Greatest Songs”) One could say that “Proud Mary” is Tina Turner’s “signature song.”

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“Proud Mary” has been translated into 15 different languages, including Spanish (“Orgulloso soy”), French (“Je suis fière d’être une femme”), Portuguese (Eu Sou Fada), and Italian (Sono molto orgogliosa).

The B-side of the single was a cover version by Ike & Tina Turner. It featured vocals sung by both as well as backing from some members of Booker T. & The MGs. One might say that this cover helped to sustain public interest in the original track while also increasing sales. This shows how well rounded and talented Tina Turner truly is!


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