4 Advantages of a Tilt Deck Service


Transporting goods in bad weather conditions can be a bit of a handful. But that’s what trailers are for. Trailers make the workplace towing and lifting process easier.

Here’s all you need to know about them. 

What is a Tilt Trailer?

Tilt trailers are exactly what the name implies, the trailers use their tilted decks to load and drop heavy equipment such as machines or vehicles. Heavy work such as that can cause multiple workplace injuries that’s why using a tilt trailer is the faster and safer way. 

The best part about these trailers is that you can load as much equipment as necessary due to their vast designs. Most companies use these trailers for winter moving jobs. The hydraulic cylinders within the trailer let you smoothly unload heavy equipment without causing any damage to it. 

There are two kinds of trailers, hydraulic tilt trailers, and sliding ones. If you want to boost productivity and make it easier for your employees to move heavier equipment, invest in a super tilt trailer at Shamick Transport.  

Reasons to Hire a Tilt Deck Service

Here are the advantages of hiring a tilt deck service. 

Provides More Safety

When you have a lot of heavy equipment lying around, it makes it difficult for your employees to focus on work with the potential risk of work hazards. Workers are the biggest assets of any business and to keep them safe, it’s important to invest in tilt deck services. 

Even in case of any mishaps, there will be no severe injuries as the tilt deck trailer will be handling all loading and unloading of heavy equipment. 

For instance, to move damaged vehicles, these trailers are often used because vehicles involved in accidents are very damaged and any slight incorrect movement can damage them further. 

An Efficient Option

If you’re looking for a more efficient way to move stuff around the workplace then a tilt trailer is for you. The efficiency of the machine lies in its easy operation, you don’t have to apply a lot of manual force or double the number of employees working to move stuff around. 

There’s a lever on the tilt deck trailer which makes it easier to position the deck for loading and unloading materials. The straightforward operation saves you and your workers a lot of time. 

Higher Flexibility

If you’re dealing with a car that’s been involved in a bad accident, then you need something as efficient as a tilt deck trailer to move it out of the scene. The trailer is a more flexible option instead of ramping. 

For instance, a car in a ditch can be easily rescued using a tilt deck trailer with lots of manual effort and a regular truck.

Allows Larger Space for Loads

The best thing about a tilt deck trailer is that you get more space to load the materials, equipment, and heavy machinery.

You can save both time and fuel when transferring loads from one place to another with the help of a tilt deck trailer.


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