4 Most Common Myths and Facts about Botox

7 Common Myths About Botox Injections 1
7 Common Myths About Botox Injections 1

Botox is the world’s most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment. It is taking the world by storm but some of the people still will not try it because they believe in some of the myths. So let’s demystify Botox in Dubai and to let you know some of the true facts.

Myth 1:

Many patients will not tribal talks because they feel that it’s a new drug that has not been tested properly. Well, this is a myth. Botox has been around since 1940s where it was first shown to have a lot of medical uses.  This has been used medically in much higher doses during most of the 20th century until towards the end in 1989 where it was first targeted for use in the cosmetic industry for fine lines and wrinkles around the face and neck.

Myth 2:

People think that Botox is dangerous. Actually, Botox is a toxin but it is also a natural protein and a lot of people say that they don’t want to put anything unnatural in their body. It’s, mainly, in the category of drugs known as neural modulator and it influences the effect of all the electrical activity of our nerves. This is perfect in being able to relax certain areas in certain muscles and very specifically.

Myth 3:

Another common myth that people believe is that they will not be able to make any facial expressions after receiving a treatment of Botox. Ironically, this is also not true if you get your Botox done by a properly trained injector, who understands the proper doses and the anatomy.

You can still have motion in your face. Botox is injected very specifically in tiny little amounts to relax and overall area. So we wanted to be able to move your face in a natural way. It would be great if you just slow it down a little bit and not make it so intense.

Myth 4:

People are afraid that once they get Botox they won’t be able to stop getting Botox. For Sure, this is a common misperception and the truth is that Botox usually last somewhere between 3-6 months.

After the effect is worn away, your muscle activity will resume in a normal way. There will not be any backwards motion because you used talk. So if you decide that it wasn’t for you, you’ll have not lost any ground. They’ll just simply return to the way they used to.

In a nutshell, there has been almost 4% growth in cosmetic surgeries from last year as per the Americans Society of Plastic Surgeons. Since our appearance considerably contributes to our identity, it affect our personality as well. Cosmetic treatments including Botox encourage a healthy aim of making us better and visually appealing humans. For sure, the cosmetic surgery is making them appear better, younger and prettier perhaps that’s the reason as to why this treatment is predominant across the mania. People are getting more inclined towards Botox and have found it quite beneficial as well.

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