4 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Amazon Specialist To Manage Your Store Entirely

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Find out how hiring a full-time Amazon specialist can bring about significant benefits for your business in the article below!

According to a report in July 2021, Amazon’s net product sales have increased more than a quarter at $115.50 billion, while its net service sales nearly doubled from January. These numbers alone are enough to demonstrate how profitable the platform can be, which explains why you might want to have your own Amazon store.

However, managing an entire business is no easy job, especially if you have previous experience with e-commerce. Thus, hiring an Amazon specialist is highly recommended as a way to ensure your store’s performance. Keep reading to find out how!

What Is An Amazon Specialist?

An Amazon specialist is someone entirely in charge of an Amazon retailer store. Typically, they work in an Amazon marketing agency (like Olifant Digital), performing the following tasks upon your request.

  • Brainstorm and come up with marketing plans and strategies.
  • Handle the concept, ad copy, and visual of each ad campaign.
  • Audit Amazon listings to generate more organic growth.
  • Optimize biddings to secure a high ROI for your investment.
  • Keep track and update on any changes in Amazon policies.
  • Provide instant support if your Amazon store fails to function anyhow.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring An Amazon Specialist To Manage Your Store?

1. Spare your time and effort

Let’s face it, running an entire Amazon store on your own can be a challenge. Not only do you have to care about the quality of your products or whether your ideas have made an impact on the market, but you also need to make sure enough people know about your brand and are willing to finalize a purchase. That is not to mention the tremendous work required if you are about to launch an online campaign or struggle to pinpoint why months have passed and your store has not gained any noticeable growth.

It is because when it comes to e-commerce, knowledge about products and traditional business approaches are not enough. You have to understand the ins and outs of the website itself and other algorithms that might affect each store’s performance. Achieving such insights calls for hours of learning, which undoubtedly takes up a significant amount of your time.

This is when an Amazon specialist steps in. They are thoroughly trained and capable of doing the work without fail, essentially reassuring you that your Amazon store is well taken care of. As a result, you end up with more time to care about other aspects of business, or even time to enjoy yourself!

2. Audit your listings

A common mistake made by Amazon owners is the failure to pay attention to their listings. Experts would tell you that poorly organized listings with unappealing ad copy and low-quality images are a no-no on the online marketplace. So how can an Amazon specialist fix this issue? 


  • They create better content: All the texts in each product landing page will be short and concise, providing potential customers with the exact information they are looking for. No more lengthy sentences or unnecessary filler words that might appear as off-putting for Amazon buyers.
  • They bid more relevant keywords: Only the keywords that tie closely with the offered products and have an acceptable competition level are bid to increase the chance of ad placements. Also, an Amazon specialist makes sure to utilize back-end and long-tail keywords so your products can truly stand out.
  • They insert more attractive photos: Each of your product landing pages will be filled with at least three different photos taken from multiple angles. For certain items, a before-after photo is also displayed for easier visualization.

3. Maximize your ROAS

ROAS – or return on ad spend – indicates how profitable your ad campaigns are to the overall business. As someone taking responsibility for your Amazon store’s marketing strategies, an Amazon specialist has various ways to ensure the smooth performance of your campaign and consequently raising your ad revenue.


  • They narrow down the target audience: Showing your ads to the right potential customers is the first step in gaining ad revenue. By assessing information such as age, gender, geographical location, hobbies, and interests, an Amazon specialist can get an ideal portrayal of how your customers are like and develop plans accordingly. 
  • They show your ads in the most relevant searches: Many campaigns waste resources by appearing on non-commercial intent searches and end up generating no clickthrough or conversion at all. By weeding out useless searches, your campaign can focus on users that might actually bring back benefits.
  • They modify the ads when needed: Sometimes, a well-planned campaign cannot pan out as initially expected. Instead of getting panicked, an Amazon specialist can quickly make adjustments to prevent future ads from making the same mistakes and make sure your existing ads can go back to the racing track.
  • They track down and measure business metrics: Statistics concerning the clickthrough and conversion rate, impressions, pay-per-click, bounce, advertising cost of sales, etc., are vital in determining the success of an ad campaign. At the end of the day, it is the job of an Amazon specialist to compile all these numbers and present them in readable reports so that you can have a better grasp of how your Amazon store has been functioning.

4. Keep your Amazon store updated

Online platforms are subject to changes in policies from time to time. Without instant notice, your store might run the risk of being left behind when other competitors quickly take advantage of the situation. An Amazon specialist – with extensive knowledge of the website itself – can quickly navigate the circumstances and keep your store up and running all the time. 


As Amazon has become increasingly competitive with 1.9 million active sellers, it is best that you leave the management of your store into the hands of professional Amazon specialists for optimal results. Do not forget to visit website for further information.


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