5 Interesting Facts About The Boxer Dog

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If there is one thing that most people agree to, it is that we need companionship as a species. There is nothing in this world that makes it even better compared to being alone. It takes time to find someone who can do it for us, so some are trying to find an alternative. Other animals have become the common replacement for humans since they function similarly. They might not be able to talk, but they can still communicate quite effectively with other people. 

One of the most popular options is to get a dog, and for a good reason. These animals are considered the smartest domesticated species, as you can see here, with some being comparable to toddlers. It has been popular to keep them in hopes and help with chores as well. There are still many working dogs that are not just family pets but do things like tend to the herd and pull sleds. Most of them are treated well, too, since many owners recognize that they are sentient enough to understand us.

Getting A Dog

For this reason, they have become the most popular pet when it comes to the general population. It makes sense since most people are craving companionship these days. In the middle of the pandemic, it was difficult to meet others since the virus was airborne. However, pet adoptions increased tremendously in the middle of the pandemic. As it was, humans cannot live alone, and we need someone who can share with us the beauty of the world.

There are many dog breeds to choose from if you want to explore pet ownership. However, there is one particular breed that is gaining traction as being rather good for everyone. They work best with families who have an active lifestyle, but they can also be adaptable to any situation. It is known as the boxer dog, and it has been around for more than a century now.

This breed originally was from Germany, and it was a cross between two older breeds. The result is the boxer, which has a distinct box-like face with a wider forehead compared to other canines. When it was introduced in the US, they instantly became popular when a popular show had this particular breed. You can learn more info about this dog on the website provided, but there are characteristics that you need to be aware of first. These are the key aspects that make a boxer for what it is – a breed that might steal your heart.

What Makes A Boxer

  1. Very Active And Rowdy, Especially When They Are Pups

You may have seen many videos online before, but boxers tend to have the distinction to be the most rambunctious of the bunch. They seem to have this ball of energy inside their bodies that tells them to not stop jumping and running around. Some may see this as playfulness, while others might get bothered with it since they are so hyperactive. Boxers are normally like this when young but would often transition to a calmer state once they reach full adulthood.

  1. Prone To Separation Anxiety

Another aspect that makes them unique is boxers tend to get attached to people. As long as he or she grew up with you and you treat them well, then they would be more affectionate towards you. However, it becomes a problem when they already develop separation issues who would not want to see you go. You need to let them understand that you have places to be without them tagging along. It can be difficult if done on your own, so you might need some help in easing them into the separation like in this link: https://www.aspca.org/pet-care/dog-care/common-dog-behavior-issues/separation-anxiety

  1. Big Dogs Who Think They’re Still Lap Dogs

Most big dogs have this problem, but they are often slow and would give some signals if they want to sit on you. It is uncomfortable for sure, but there is nothing better than a big ball of fluff giving you all the TLC. However, boxers are different as they would often run to you and try to knock you out before sitting on your lap. It is a funny experience seeing this big dog just come flying at you while you are just sitting calmly on your couch. They need to be trained not to do this since it can be dangerous at times, especially if you are of smaller stature. 

  1. Drooling

Excessive drooling is common to medium and large size dogs, and boxers are no exception. They might not be as bad as a Newfoundland or St. Bernard, but it still gets in the way sometimes. It is due to the shape of their mouth, which some people described as like those of a bulldog. You need to have a towel handy at all times, especially if you want to go out. Meanwhile, wipe off any drool that they might put on you as it can be uncomfortable to let it sit on your skin.

  1. Does Not Trust Strangers Easily

Boxers may not be as smart as other dogs, but they can still think for themselves. If they are not familiar with the person or location, they would often show it through their body behavior. More often, they would try to hide somewhere else while the strange thing or person is around, and that is understandable. This is typical boxer behavior, so try not to force them out if they do not want it. It takes time for them to get acclimatized to anything, so all you need to do is ease them into the process. 


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