So you are into online marketing. You might be well aware of the three most significant things that grab the attention of the users- music, videos, and photos. But the problem lies in creating engaging videos that touch the customers to an extent where they are forced to buy a certain product or service.

Nevertheless, there’s a solid solution to this problem, and it lies in the use of a video maker. The right video-making tool will not only help you in creating enticing content for business marketing but will also save you the money spent on professionals and camera equipment used to portray your brand.

Sign up and do away with the trouble of putting effort into photos and videos. You can easily create the video of your choice in just a few minutes, and that too is right on your browser.

Go hassle-free creating the best video content with these popular video makers for 2021:

1. InVideo

InVideo comes with a plethora of tools that make it easy and quick for users to go about with their video creation endeavors. It boasts a rich selection of more than 4000 templates and other cool elements such as vector shapes, masks, and stickers to make the best videos possible. Hence, the Invideo.io is the best video maker because it has so many premade templates anyone can use. 

You can broaden up your creative skills using InVideo and even enrich the look of your video assignments. InVideo comes as the best solution for individuals craving to make professional-quality content without putting in much effort.

The platform gives its users the flexibility of creating content in 70 varied languages. You can even edit your videos using this tool and upload them straight on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

2. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark comes as the one-stop solution for all media-related needs of the users. The ones with a visual story concept need not worry anymore. The only thing they need to transform their ideas into web pages, videos, and social media posts is Adobe Spark.

The software features both Professional Level and Beginner Level tools serving as an all-inclusive solution for websites, animated graphics, and videos. Best suited for users of varying levels, it offers huge scopes of showing their creative best to the users.

It features a user-friendly interface while offering all the users designer themes with fine quality layouts, engaging font designs, and smart color themes to give their videos a great appeal.

It works both on mobile and desktop and makes it easy for users to share content on websites and social media.

3. Wave.Video

This is the best free online video maker 2021 for bloggers, social media enthusiasts, and small businesses looking to create top-quality videos without any editing experience. It features a simple interface and a stock library of over 400 million clips.

Hence, users get the flexibility and the convenience of creating top-quality video content even if they do not have sufficient captured clips. Another great feature of this software is the support it offers for more than 30 video formats.

This feature of the tool makes it the perfect fit for making different social media video posts. It is also one of those few tools that allow users to upload their personalized fonts and logos.

4. Hippo Video

This chrome extension free online video maker is genuinely geared towards the use of gamers, teachers, YouTubers, and IT specialists. Users can sign in to use this tool with Google, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Hippo Video lets its users export to varied sites and even can download content to their computer. However, there are no special ratios offered to the customers. The tool does provide 720p resolutions to its free clients. The paid version of the tool offers a 1080p resolution.

5. Animoto

This is one of the most efficient tools for learning the intricacies of creating and editing a video. The beginners into using this program will also get the ease of going through a tutorial to understand its work procedure.

Animoto enables video-makers to create videos in 16:9 formats. But, recently, with the addition of new features, users can even make top-quality square movies using Animoto.

The main USP of this video maker is its potential of generating animated videos. It comes with 60 video templates along with a good selection of music. The created videos can easily be downloaded in 360p, 480pm 720p and 1080p formats.

6. Promo

Dying to make promotional videos for the marketing of your products and services? Not a problem when you have Promo- the best video-making tool at your disposal. Almost any individual can make the best of professional videos using Promo.

The tool boasts more than 12 million video templates and clips that can be used for creating social media advertisements such a YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Also, use the templates and clips for creating promo videos and marketing videos. These are useful for innumerable industries such as travel, real estate, e-commerce, and marketing. There is a huge choice for various businesses here.

There’s a template even for special dates like Easter and Ramadan; now, isn’t that brilliant?

7. Placeit

This is a popular platform for photo and video makers across the world. It helps creative individuals and professional video-making enthusiasts with their creative projects. These can be anything from adding music to videos to setting up WordPress themes.

Designing and creating any video becomes a breeze for individuals with the tool’s readymade templates. Users can subscribe for free, and this is the easiest way of creating professional videos without spending a dime.

The Bottom Line

So, these are teh top seven online video makers that you can use without any cost. Remember, choosing a video maker completely depends on personal and professional requirements. There is no use opting for one that does not serve your business purpose. Hence, you need to be clear with your requirements. Once you are aware of your requirements, choosing the most applicable tool will be time-effective and simple. 


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