Airedale, its appearance, and qualities.

appearance and qualities
appearance and qualities

The Airedale terrier is also called waterside terrier and Bingley terrier. It is a dog breed of the terrier that came from a valley called the river Aire. This breed of dogs is called the king of terriers because it is known to be one of the largest terrier breeds. The Airedale dog has worked in hunting, and this dog breed is known to be around the farms for its protection. One of the qualities of this breed is that they are known to be the war dog and the police dog. 

  • Description and appearance: 

The Airedale is one of the largest terriers that weighs about 19 to 25 kilograms when in a very good condition and has a height of about 57 to 61 centimeters for males, and it is a little less in the females. There are also some other types of Airedale that weigh comparatively less than the largest terrier. This breed is also called Oorangs, as this name was given in the early 1900s.

  • The appearance: The Airedale has a tan coat and medium-length black color. Their topcoat is harsh, whereas their undercoat is soft. They are known to be very energetic and alert breed. These dogs are not aggressive, but they do not fear anything. The larger Airedales are much more eager than the smaller ones. The large Airedales are also used in the big hunting, and these are also used as pets as well as family guardians. These larger Airedales are the ones who are more prone to getting health issues like hip dysplasia than the normal Airedales. You should never go on the size though because it can be mistaken to be more powerful, and sometimes it is not the case.
  • Coat: 

The terriers have a broken coat, which is wiry and hard. The color is not kept for too long and lies close and straight covering the legs and whole body. The undercoat is softer, and the topcoat is wiry and hard. The hardest coat is slightly waved and crinkly. The coat on these dogs is hypoallergenic, which means they have less chances of getting allergic to people. The Airedales who have undercoats are well-groomed. 

  • Tail:

 The tail of the Airedale is long, fluffy, and erect. In different countries, you are not allowed to change the tail of the Airedale in any way, but you can only do it if the tail of the dog is broken.  

  • Size:

 The weight of the Airedale is approximately between 50 to 80 pounds. They are highly active and perform well. They should not be too small if you want them to work as a retriever, hunter, or deterrent. One of the researchers says that if your dog when adult weighs from 50 to 80 pounds and the female weighs a little less than this than they are normal. It is known to be the standard weight for Airedale and is appropriate.

  • Temperament:

 The Airedale is used as a hunting dog and a working dog. Airedales also have some characteristics of a herding dog, and they can also chase animals. They also work with livestock and cattle. But those Airedales that are not fully trained also irritate the animals. They are known to be more difficult to train as compared to other breeds. The Airedale terrier temperament is very well known.

  • Diseases in Airedales:

 There are different diseases found in this breed. Some of them are:

  • Cancer: cancer is one of the most common causes of death in this breed. They are known to have many forms of cancer, like the cancer of the blood. The dogs that are adult are more influenced as compared to young dogs. Cancer of the skin was the most common cancer found in the Airedale. Other cancers are internal tumors, adenocarcinoma, and cancer of the lymph tissues called lymphoma.
  • Heart: Airedales are genetically predisposed to different heart problems. One of the major heart problems that is found in the Airedales is pulmonic stenosis. This causes leakage in the valves of the heart. Depending on how severe the disease is, it can both kill your dog or do not change anything in him. Symptoms of the heart disease in your dog are fatigue, lethargy, and accumulation of fluid in the stomach. You can detect heart disease through echocardiogram and some other tests.
  • Joint disease: Like numerous expansive breeds, Airedales are inclined to hip dysplasia, a distortion of the hip joint. This illness in the long run, causes weakness and other joint issues. Surgery may offer a few alleviations for disabled dogs. Airedales may encounter elbow dysplasia, a distortion of the joint that causes insecurity and early-onset joint pain. Surgery is a choice with this shape of dysplasia. Spondylosis comes about in spinal column variations from the norm, which cause torment. You can buy these dogs from p4pets.


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