Behind the Lens: 11 Surprising Drake Opinions on Best Hair Salon

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photo 1535637603896 07c179d71103

When Drake has a good hair day, we all have a good hair day. The man’s been the reigning king of men’s hairstyles for years now and his opinions on what makes the best salon are more than just opinionated—they’re based in fact. So if you’re looking to find your new favorite spot (or maybe just some tips), look no further than this 11-point list from one of Hollywood’s most well-known celebrities!

1) A place that smells like hairspray is always a plus

2) You can’t beat complimentary espresso while you wait

3) The stylist needs to be able to listen to you

4) And also give their own professional opinion when needed

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This is a great 11-point list from Drake’s favorite hair salon. I like how the stylist needs to be able to listen to you and give their own professional opinion when needed. That really lets them get an idea of what would look best on your face shape, or which kind of style will make you feel most confident! Sometimes it can be hard for people just looking in the mirror but if they have input from someone who actually knows what they’re doing then that helps narrow down all the options so it becomes much easier. I’ll have to check out some more salons before making my decision though because there are plenty around us here in LA. Everyone tells me that this one place up north has amazing prices too; I just don’t know how far I want to go out of the city yet.

Best hair salon in LA – I’ve been getting my haircut at the same place for years and had always considered it to be one of the best, but lately they seem kind of slow. Maybe that’s just their style? There was this new place called Gold Leaf Styles a few blocks down from me so I decided to try them out…I really liked how quickly they got things done! While there weren’t as many stylists working there, each one seemed more than qualified to do what needed doing (or whatever you wanted). Honestly, if your time is precious like mine then maybe it would be worth checking out. Plus they’re only three blocks away so not too much of a walk.

Pricing – I don’t know about you but this time of year can get expensive. Between holiday parties and traveling it’s hard to balance work, friends and family without going broke. That said, sometimes the best thing a person can do is just take care of themselves. Keep in mind that your hair needs regular cuts so be sure not to let those grow out too long or else they might start looking stringy (or even worse). Plus if you’re anything like me then staying on top of my mane keeps me sane! Seriously though…I’m glad Gold Leaf Styles was able to help with that one because now I feel confident leaving there feeling good knowing that I’ll be able to rock my best hair and not have to worry about it getting out of control.

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photo 1605497788044 5a32c7078486

Price – Most salons offer a variety of pricing plans, so as long as you’re willing to call ahead then this shouldn’t pose any problems for the future. The prices aren’t that bad either considering they include all-natural products when giving treatments which is always nice because your scalp won’t feel like it’s on fire afterwards!

The Checklist: Gold Leaf Styles meets all 11 requirements here at Drake Daily (and if you didn’t know before now…I’m a tough judge). Plus their hours are easy enough too with them being open from Monday through Saturday which means no crazy parties or events happening over the weekend need keep you away from a good hair day.

This is the one time when you should definitely go for that expensive haircut, because if your hair looks bad then all of your other work will look terrible too. The price might seem high at first (we’re talking upwards of $100), but this cost can be spread out over a few months and in return you’ll have better looking locks than nearly anyone else around. I’m not saying it’s impossible to find someone who charges less, but typically they won’t give as much attention to detail or provide certain features such as blowouts with minimal fussiness! If we want something done right…sometimes we just need to pay up!


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