Browsing Austin real estate with your big family? Here are the most family-friendly areas


If you are moving to Austin from a big city and you want to really enjoy the suburban lifestyle, this is the place for you. Furthermore, if you enjoy being in the big city with your children, you can move to downtown Austin. For those who want a more eclectic side of life with vintage shops and outdoor parks, there are plenty of neighborhoods in Austin for you too. 

As you can see, Austin has a little bit of everything – this is why so many people move to Austin every single year. Unlike other Texas cities, Austin is a melting pot of people from all over the country and all over the world. This brings the area lots of diversity, new housing opportunities, and new neighborhoods to move into. But where should you move to you and your children? Let’s check out a few of the best family-friendly neighborhoods in Austin that you may consider for your big move. 

3 best neighborhoods in Austin for a family – check out these Austin real estate areas

If you are moving to Austin with your children, you need to make sure your local area is safe, family-friendly, has a good school system, and has plenty of outdoor opportunities – so where should you look? Check out these 3 hot spots. You also can reach out to Bramlett Residential and browse houses for your family.

Avery ranch

Located just under 20 miles north of downtown Austin, this suburban community is a great choice for those who want to be close to the city without being in the heart of the action. With a peaceful vibe, relaxing neighborhood, family-friendly atmosphere, and three public schools, this neighborhood is a good choice for those with young children. Not only will they have a choice of school, but you can also head out to the many parks during your weekends off, checking out Brushy Creek Sports Park and Brushy Creek Lake Park. The homes in Avery Ranch are typically condos and single-family homes that are either for rent or for sale when looking at Austin real estate. 


Located closer to the city center at just 7 miles north of Austin, this family-friendly neighborhood is known for having a friendly and close community that enjoys spending time together in the form of BBQs, brunches, outdoor gatherings, and much more. You can mingle with the other hundred families here with children, along with choosing from your selection of public and private schools in the area. 

Windsor park

The last section of Austin real estate you should consider as a family man or woman is Windsor Park – located less than 6 miles north of downtown, Windsor Park is a good mixture of young professionals, single people, and families alike. You can enjoy being close to the downtown – within biking distance – and still, have a quieter and smaller community feel to your neighborhood. 


If you’re searching for the best family-friendly area to move in with you and your children, check out these three hot spots. We recommend looking at Austin real estate in Avery Ranch, Brentwood, or Windsor Park for a good school system, high safety ratings, outdoor amenities, and much more. 


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