What makes a YouTube channel popular and successful?

planning design being creative scaled
planning design being creative scaled

It is open to all that Google has owned YouTube in 2006, the platform is continuously travelling the journey towards rise and finally today it is the third most visited website on the web. This website has produced and attracted novice contents creators called YouTubers.  YouTubers have the professional resemblance with the past publishers that was very adept in media-like video creation, scripting and production techniques.

YouTube has introduced its own terms and conditions that are updated time to time. These rules are for all YouTubers that are working on this platform. Here we are working on main factors and characteristics that a viral and successful YouTube channel often has.

  1. Frequent Posting on YouTube Channel

It is in our observation that for success and popularity of a channel, upload quality content in the form of video every day. With quantity also maintain quality of your contents. Go to the YouTube website and do a carful observation, you will conclude that because of frequent posting

  • YouTube videos will instantly get ranking 
  • Subscriber of the channel will reach to millions in very short span of time
  • Views will multiply each day
  • Watch time of channel will increase that is main factor for getting high ranking in YouTube
  • YouTube videos on the channel will slowly become viral
  • YouTube videos will be visible in organic searches
  1. Selection of a Niche

Before starting your channel, work a lot for selection of a niche. Your whole research should be relative to your niche. Select name of your channel that is matching with core area of your business niche. For example if you have planned to forward in cooking niche, never focus only on the recipes as there are a lot of channels on the YouTube that are also very popular. Change your orientation in Cooking Niche that makes your channel unique.

  1. Optimized YouTube Channel

Optimized YouTube Channels are always visible in YouTube searches and some highly optimized are also visible in Google organic searches. This characteristic of the Channel is due to the proper selection of keywords that have low competition and high searches. With optimization of one video, the whole channel becomes viral slowly.

  1. High Quality Contents

We have seen that viral channels have high quality contents. Videos are created in such a professional style that all viewers watch the channel videos from beginning to end. Below are the factors that are very helpful in raising the quality of contents

  • Use professional camera that are DSLR or have micro lens
  • Shoot the video in a proper lighting environment. You can also use a professional led ring light around the camera lens to reduce shadows and evenly distribute light on the subject.
  • Use high quality microphones 
  • For a more professional-looking shot, use a backdrop paper.
  • During mixing of a video use only those shots that have quality outlook
  • Create a sequence in the video shots
  1. Custom YouTube Thumbnail

When we upload a video , YouTube software automatically assign it a thumbnail that may not be your choice. For professional thumbnail, use a graphic design tool that is introduced by the Gotodesigno for creation of custom thumbnail that must be according to the standard YouTube Thumbnail Size provided by the YouTube.


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