Comics Styling Guide: Grab Grace, Funk and Soul

Funk and Soul
Funk and Soul

Comic books and fashion go hand in hand when we talk about creativity. If you sit among the groups who bring something new to the tables, then you can never resist the pull of an innovative idea. To make your efforts in fashion worthwhile, here is an inclusive style guide for you inspired by some of the comic world’s greatest characters. 

It is no secret that everyone from fashion enthusiasts to toddlers is enchanted by the charm of comic world fashion. There is no reason why they shouldn’t be since comics are one of the primary mediums to offer incredible skylines. The dramatic costumes and changing story arcs are enough to keep these plots enticing. 

Characters have communicated via their costumes for a very long time, and their continued appraisal of their style is proof enough for us to follow in their steps. Take an example of captain marvel jacket, the red, blue, and golden of her attire screams about her confidence, headstrong persona, and clear cut ideas. She is the protagonist of the first female-led superhero Marvel film and deserves the recognition she is getting. 

For a long time, fans have been petitioning for better representation for minority groups and genders in the comic world. With the upcoming films, it seems like this wish is already becoming a reality! 

Supervillains we can never get enough of! 

Right after the avengers set out to fight off the evil, Thanos became one of the most popular cosplays. From costume parties to wide-scale comic cons, the list of cosplays inspires by villains is never-ending, to say the least. As much as the audiences adore the heroes, villains have an equally, if not more significant, fan base.

Your obsession over the bad boys is not a weird thing but something that already has a separate fan following. Doctor Doom and Loki are close competition to Thanos and have similar personalities. While they promise to bring destruction, their savage attitudes are easily exhibited from their badass costumes. 

To make your time in a costume worthwhile, go over the board and try something that has gained little attention. Villains are only becoming more and more popular now as people are picking up their creative sides. The truth behind their characters is just as complicated and requires equal attention. 

Joker and Harley Quinn, the dynamic evil duo, is a matchless pair. No one in the DC Universe has done more damage than these cunning villains. They stand out for the cynical behavior and outstanding apparel choices! 

Justice League is setting the stage on fire! 

Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman or Aquaman, the list of the Justice League’s well-known characters, is treated every time it appears on the screen. Ever since they scored big in the theatres, there has been an influx in their fandoms. 

A whole superhero team is a stellar group that is loved for its various actions. To be one of them for even a day is going to be a treat for every fan. Comic inspired characters, this is the DC Comics’ finest lot. Girls from a very young age incorporate Wonder Woman’s inspired apparel in their wardrobe to steal the shows. 

Besides the cunning costumes, each and everyone from this hyperactive team of superheroes is known to have a non-crime fighting life on the sides. Superman’s get up as Clark Kent demands the same attention as his red and enigmatic blue costume.

He perfectly exhibits his personality in both of these styles, and yet both have their perks and cons. His superpowers are better accessed in his costume whereas, he mingles with the mundane world in his casual style that is no less than a magazine cut out. 

Avengers to save the day!

Who said capes and costumes are the talks of the comic obsessed only? You can enjoy these unique apparel in the same way if you possess the knack for something unique. Starting from 2012, till now, Avengers have made a big name for their whole group of outstanding heroes. None of the group members can be ignored when considering their iconic taste I fashion (and costumes!). 

The fans decipher meanings from their style that are usually easy to read. Stylists and the rest of the crew puts in a lot of effort in each superhero’s dressing. To be obsessed with this is nothing you need to tame down at any cost. 

Once you get tired of the similar outfits you carry every day (which you probably are), you can easily understand the lure of these jaw-dropping costumes. Right after Batman vs. Superman, the peak time of both their costumes arrives and thankfully never left. In addition to the dynamic costume jackets, both of these characters have their trendsetter titles reserved for their top-class casual apparel! 

All the captains and their style! 

When highlighting the great comic’s world, it is hard to miss all the captains who have made this whole faction way more exciting. The captain marvel leather jacketinspired by the epic female superheroine of MCU, is a must-have in this craze. 

Captain America’s hype and popularity are among the reasons men get obsessed with a red jacket and accessories. Similarly, Captain Marvel has a growing fandom, mainly of females who have deprived of any major representation in the Marvel Universe for a very long time. To reach the same level of power and courage, turn into the same character you have only adored between the pages of a comic book or on big screens. 

Creating masterpieces was never this easy. All credit to these comics and characters, the horizon of possibilities in fashion fraternity has gone beyond anyone’s imagination. It would be fitting to follow in the steps of these excellent role models to keep things exciting and fun. 


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