Common myths about SEO

SEO trend is on wildfire!

These days many professionals are adopting SEO techniques and methods to gain more profit in their business.

However, many SEO myths can do the worst rather than good. For instance, you might have come across clients talking about duplicate content problems or the plights of not sticking to the word count or characters for each page. 

It sounds weird, right!

Take a look at some of the most popular myths:

  1. The game of suppression

It is a common belief that search engines suppress budding websites for a short duration and do not let them appear when a user searches for a query. 

This is a wrong notion!

The only thing that can suppress your website could be your carelessness towards optimizing your website as per SEO trends. The more you update your site as per the current SEO trends, the more your site receives visibility.

  1. Google penalty

When you talk about the penalty part, website owners are terrified!

The belief behind this fear is – Google might ban your website for duplicate content.

However, the truth is Google simply states the fact that when a website has duplicate content, it might be removed from the collection of the indexed pages, or the website might not receive a very good rank.

  1. PPC increases ranking

Many people believe that they can rank their websites by adding pay per click ads over search engines!

This is false!

It is true that your website might receive some amount of attention, but it is impossible to ensure that your website will rank the highest in search engines if you apply PPC ads.

The only way to make your website rank well is to use SEO oriented keywords in it or you can hire regional SEO companies and professionals who provide local SEO packages that help in optimizing website content.

  1. Hidden content receives no attention

Website owners believe that if they use paywalls or tabs to hide their content or if the information does not load over the first page of the website, as soon as a user clicks! There are chances that your rank might slide down the ladder.

This is a fake belief!

The truth is websites receive attention based on their HTML context. Let us say a site has a blank page with few images. When a user clicks over the page, he simply finds those images instead of text. If the website has SEO optimized content or sufficient SEO elements, it will undoubtedly rank high irrespective of its tabbed or hidden content.

However, one fact to remember here is – not to add too many SEO elements or use background-hidden text.

  1. Domain age is a ranking factor

Website owners believe that the older the website, the higher the rank!

The truth is when a website is older, it has more chances of gaining a good rank due to the increased number of accumulated backlinks over time, but directly domain age does not contribute to a good rank. For instance, if there is a website, which is five years old, however, it does not contain any quality backlinks. There are fewer chances for it to receive a high rank whereas if a website is just a year old, but it has good SEO optimized content and backlinks, it might obtain a better rank in comparison to the former one.

  1. Google Analytics, the god of rank

You might come across many blogs or videos where people advise you to link your website with Google analytics!

They feel that Google analytics would help them scoring high rank in search engines.

Google analytics helps a website improve its performance and track down the number of visitors and bounce rate. It acts as a research tool for website performance and does not create a direct impact over ranking results. Web analysts comment that analytics is a tough nut to crack and analyzing it as a rank factor will take a lot of time and resources. Hence, it is much better to use the analytics metrics for improving the website.

  1. The game of domain authority

Earlier Google used page ranks to determine page authority or the importance of a web page. This system stopped in the year 2013, and other third-party authority score platforms came into existence, For instance, Moz and Ahrefs. Domain authority does not have any direct role over-improving SEO rankings, but it indeed determines the page value. However, web analysts and experts have opined that they do not use domain authority as a parameter to evaluate a website rank.


There are numerous SEO myths floating around the market!

However, you need to conduct proper research on SEO factors and consider expert advice before selecting or rejecting a particular myth because few myths have logical causes and explanations.

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