Different Types Of Chole You Cannot Afford To Miss In Punjab

When it comes to Punjab, the first thing that comes in mind is its food. It is said that Punjabis are born foodies and love to eat spicy & appetizing dishes available at their homes or restaurants. The culture here is unique and welcomes its guests with warm hospitality. The most popular north Indian cuisines like Punjabi chole or you often buy chana masala online comes from the soil of Punjab. Especially, chole is one of the most popular cuisines here and it is assumed that in north India no celebration or event is complete until you have chole masala on the table. 

Do you know what exactly chole masala is? It is a declivous blend of spices made with tomatoes, onions, and special home ingredients like cumin, cloves, coriander, peppercorn, cardamom etc. Today, we will find out its various types that are popular in India – 

Palak Pudina Chole – The involvement of pudhina & paalak perfectly makes it tempting. Moreover, you can add dhaniya to make it look better. 

Chole Chaat – All the snack lovers love this chole chaat like anything. This type of chaat is extremely famous in the streets of Punjab.

Mix Veg Chole – As the name hints, it is a combination of lots of vegetables added to make it scrumptious and healthy as well. With the help of lemon juice and chopped coriander leaves, you can make special garnishing.

Jeera Chole Masala – It is one of the special categories of snacks here. By just adding cumin powder in chole you will get a luscious taste. This can be added with roasted jeera also.

Hariyali Chole – By just using hari chutney in chole, you can make it more special. In fact, it is available at every corner and restaurant in the city. It is mostly served with puris and parantha. This is one of the most liked dishes in the city.

Classic Chole Masala – Just like you buy chaat masala online, classic chole masala can be found easily in every corner of India. Most of the food stalls, dhabas and restaurants in the city served this with tandoori naan or roti. Being one of the famous dishes in Punjab, this can be enjoyed even at your home. It is perfectly garnished with the leaves of coriander with green chili and onion slices. The taste of chole is simply scrumptious.

Potato Methi Chole – Green vegetables included any dish essentially make the dish solid. Potato Methi Chole is generally found in each spot of India. They are accessible at each little eatery in Punjab. It is constantly presented with rice. You can have it with chapatti too. The dish is essentially incredible.

Chana Masala – As the name of the dish is hints the flavor of the dish. Masala Chana is brimming with flavors which give it an entirely unexpected touch and taste also. The strength of this chole is that the formula of this chole is somewhat intense however the taste 

Chana Subzi – The forte of this chole Subzi is that the formula of this chole is somewhat dubious, yet the taste is simply incredible. It is constantly presented with bhature. You can have it with chapatti too. This is one of the popular dishes in Punjab. It is very much embellished with slashed coriander leaves, onion, and parsley leaves too.

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