Don the Gorgeous Staple, Paithani Saree, Of Maharashtra

Paithani sarees 02
Paithani sarees 02

Paithani Saree is famously called the ‘Queen of Sarees,’ and is a well-known symbol of Indian tradition and honor; it has even been considered royal for ages.

While the saree is native to the state of Maharashtra, it is revered by women all across the country. 

The Paithani saree is renowned for its unique and spectacular weaving process along with the stunning artwork that is handcrafted through the silver and gold threads. There are lovely motifs on it that make its elegance unmatched!

If you take pride in being a sophisticated buyer and want to embrace the roots of the Indian culture and showcase your appreciation of the culture by wearing a piece of clothing then consider buying a Paithani saree online or offline or in the wholesale market.

What is so special about the Paithani silk saree?

Maharashtrian women of all ages keep their Paithani saree close which is indeed close to their hearts as it is considered the royalty among sarees.

The saree symbolizes ancient Maharashtrian culture and is considered special as only aristocrats and royals donned it once upon a time. This sari is designed using pure silk and gold.

There were even times when these sarees were produced only for the sophisticated buyers so they were made using the purest of silk and real gold thread which made it very expensive. But over time, craftsmen have found ways to cut the cost and make the Paithani silk saree available for everyone by replacing the silk base with a cotton one.

Nowadays, you can buy a Paithani saree in silk as well as cotton base, the latter of which is amazingly affordable.

The Paithani silk saree is so special that no Maharashtrian wedding is complete without it. If you have explored the different types of sarees and know about the Paithani one, then you should definitely have one in your wardrobe. 

How is it manufactured and the motifs on Paithani Saree? 

The whole process starting from dyeing to weaving is performed by hand. Using handlooms, craftsmen weave the main part of the saree. In every piece, there are floral and bird-inspired motifs. To create these motifs, there is interlocking and tying done using the color threads onto the warp on the loom. As a matter of fact, the back or the reverse side of the design is quite similar to the top side. These patterns appear like they have been inlaid into the main Paithani saree fabric. Later, the shiny weave is made using the fusion of hues that give the illusion of shifting charming colors. The traditional motifs or the most used motifs are birds like parrots, peacocks, and flowers like lotuses, and the Hans motif, the Ashrafi motif, etc. In some designs, the Panja is also used which is a geometrical flower-like motif.

While earlier the cotton base was used to make the body of the saree along with silk borders, now silk is used and other Paithani saree fabrics are being explored as well.

Cotton Paithani

Earlier cotton base was used to make these sarees but the Cotton Paithani is an innovation. These sarees are designed especially for women who like to be modern and trendy. Paithani saree colours used to be bright but now with the onset of cotton Paithani, pastel shades are being explored and have made their way to the market.

Pastels are a huge trend and cotton sarees are simpler and easier to maintain, a lot of Paithani saree collections have pastel shades sarees in them.

The cotton Paithani is the harmonious balance of modern and tradition in a piece of clothing!  

The time needed to weave a Paithani Saree?

It may take 7 days or more for weaving one Paithani. If the borders and body of the saree are intricate then it might take more. 

If you are keen on wearing a lightweight saree that you can easily manage and that also fits into your budget then try a cotton Paithani which will be the perfect fit for casual and festive occasions both!  You can also purchase wedding Paithani sarees online for affordable rates. Moreover, make sure that you don’t wash it after every use and dry clean only if important and definitely don’t wash it in the washing machine. Hand Wash the clothes and keep the legacy of Maharashtrian culture close to your heart.  


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