Fairy Wings that Will Make You Look Like a Real Fairy


You do not have to live in the forest, jungle, woodland or desert in order to appreciate what a fairy life has to offer. Now that you’re reading this, you’re either a believer of fairies, or you get fascinated by these little creatures, or you feel like you’re a fairy yourself, or because you just want to understand how it feels to be a fairy. Fortunately, we’re offering you a chance to share in the lives of these little and interesting creatures by taking you through the best of fairy wings that will make you look like a real fae. Read on to discover the best fairy wings.

Best Fairy Wings for Adults

In the world of Harry Potter, you can drink some Poly juice potion and transform into a fairy. Quite a number of you would like such an opportunity even if it is for a few hours. However, this is not possible in the real world. The closest and most practical way to look and feel like a fae is to wear a nice fairy costume with iconic matching fairy wings.

You must be aware that there are different types of fairies. Different types of these creatures have different types of wings. Whatever type of fae you are, or you think you are, you’ll find the best fae wings for you right now!

1.     Green fairy wings

If you want to look like the pop queen of all fairies, choosing green fairy wings is the best option. If you want more inspiration, large and tinker bell-inspired is the way to go. For the best green fairy wings, look for those that are lightweight, slightly dramatic, realistic and that which you can wear easily.  

2.     White fairy wings

White fairy wings are even better when they are also shimmering and large. This is not for those that want to feel like a pixie or leprechaun. White and large fairy wings are especially fitting to give the impression of a spot-on queen elf of a large forest. There are also other ideas that you can try to create even more expressions. A butterfly-moth motivated look of adding black outlines to the white wings can be quite inspiring.

3.     Transparent fairy wings

Have you ever tried transparent fairy wings? What if they are transparent and hand-made? Transparent wings will take the fairy illusion to the highest of levels. When properly made, they provide a delicate feel. However, they are should not be too heavyweight and not too tiny, just perfection!

4.     Black fairy wings

Do you want to feel like you can turn into a stone or blow up when exposed to sunlight? Choosing black fairy wings will give you this feeling making you look like a Troll fairy in the Norse mythology. Remember that not every fae is cute and elegant. Some fairies like Trolls are powerful and intimidating. If you want to create gnome and goblin fairy vibes, why not choose black fairy wings and give whimsicality a new definition? Note that if overdone, this can transform you into a witch instead. 


There are many types of fairies out there, or at least in the imaginations. Different fairies wear different wings. Some fairies wear wings occasionally or for a purpose. This means that you can experience the fae world by wearing like one occasionally. If you subscribe to fairy fascination of a dwarf, gnome, goblin, leprechaun, elf, sprite, troll or the popular and mischievous pixie, you can find fairy costumes and wings that will fit all your wishes. We have provided you with the best fairy wings that will make you look and feel like a real fae and an idea that will make you feel like a witch.       


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