gb whatsapp is safe or not in hindi


Some of you may have seen a post by someone on Facebook asking “What happens when I text a girl in India?” Many of you probably have a response. A lot of people are saying “She answers back.

According to one person who posted that response, she was able to take down those messages with only a few lines of code provided by Whatsapp. The person who posted said that someone who had been asked to leave the Whatsapp group had been unable to do so for some reason. She could not simply delete the message without deleting the entire Whatsapp group. The person with the code had to delete the entire Whatsapp group in order to delete the messages.

Whatsapp has been cracking down on abusive behavior in recent months, but that doesn’t mean they have stopped trying to send you a message. In fact, it’s become harder than ever for people to find a way to get rid of messages from WhatsApp. The person who posted said that the “Whatsapp group” was still being abused, and that “the problem is that people are using whatsapp to get rid of each other”.

So, whatsapp has a rule that says that your messages are only saved by the user who posted them. But if someone can post a message to all of your groups, its going to be hard to delete it. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from anyone who attempted to delete their group message, and I’m sure the person with the code had to do it that way just so he could delete the entire Whatsapp group without anyone knowing.

The problem with whatsapp is that nobody who posted a message to the Whatsapp group has the power to delete it. Nobody has the power to delete an entire group message. If someone can’t post a message and then delete the group message the user can’t delete them.

But we should be able to delete group messages. We dont have to delete them. If we want to send a message to our entire group we dont have to delete the group message. Whatsapp is a completely safe system, and if the user wants to delete the group message then they can.

WhatsApp is safe. WhatsApp is a new messaging app that allows you to send messages from multiple devices, even from your phone and your computer. This means that anyone who is sending a message to a group can delete their messages, no matter how many people are in the group. There are also other security measures, like the fact that you can only send a message to a group of people you’ve contacted with.

Whatsapp has been used in a number of movies and shows, but this is one of the most powerful, innovative, and innovative messaging apps out there. It is definitely a one-time use app that can be used to send messages to friends or anyone else. Whatsapp is safe.

Whatsapp has also been used in a number of movies and shows and it has not been used for something as powerful or innovative as a single message from a friend. Whatsapp does indeed help you send messages to anyone you know.


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