Getting Your Peak Summer Body through Coolsculpting


For many people, summertime means one thing: beach season. Whether you’re looking to get saltwater tanned or avoid the sun altogether, there are plenty of ways to keep your skin healthy. One option is Peakbody coolsculpting, a non-invasive procedure that removes unsightly fat cells from stubborn body areas with no surgery necessary! Read on for more information about this exciting new treatment and how it can help you achieve your peak summer body in just a few weeks!

What is Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting is a revolutionary new way to get rid of fat, allowing patients to target problem areas without surgery. The device uses advanced cooling technology that aims at and eliminates unwanted cells while leaving other body tissues unaffected, allowing you to maintain your weight but sculpt the body parts you want with no downtime!

Who needs Coolsculpting?

Coolsculpting isn’t just for people looking to lose weight. It also applies to anyone who wants help getting rid of stubborn pockets of fat. Sometimes called “cellulite,” this kind of fat accumulates in the thighs or stomachs above muscle tissue, which won’t go away through regular diet & exercise regimens alone. Other common areas where men and women tend to accumulate excess fat are the arms, neckline, back of the legs, chin, and sideburns.

What can Coolsculpting do? 

Through advanced technology, coolsculpting targets these “stubborn” regions with no surgery required! The average person will require two treatments spaced about six weeks apart to achieve their desired results.

It only takes an hour or two for each session, making it a quick treatment that doesn’t disrupt your busy schedule too much, reach out to Peakbody CoolSculpting to see more. 

What happens during the procedure?

First, the medical team consults you on areas that need treatment using photos of your body. Coolsculpting isn’t possible for pregnant women or those who are currently using Accutane. 

The procedure also requires that patients stop taking aspirin-containing blood thinners seven days before the procedure to avoid bleeding complications. Taking ibuprofen beforehand can help reduce any post-treatment soreness you might experience! 

The medical team will provide more information about safety and results based on your situation during the consultation. You will get all the advice you need before beginning this unique procedure.

How long does it take? 

Each session takes an hour or two altogether. However, the utmost time depends on which body areas need treatment and how many sessions you need for optimal results. The medical team consults with each client one-on-one before beginning to ensure every patient gets the full benefit from their new summer body—and is happy throughout the whole experience! 

Aftercare and recovery expert staff provides clients with follow-up advice after they leave the facility. This includes information about what kinds of foods will help them heal faster and what types of movements should be avoided to avoid aggravating the treated area. 

The facility should also provide aftercare kits that contain everything clients need to recover at home, including a special cooling gel & applicators for post-treatment soreness!

Well, there you have it, folks. If you’re looking for a non-invasive treatment plan to get your “peak body,” rest assured coolsculpting is perfectly safe and effective for you!


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