Harassment in the Workplace? Submit a Compensation Claim!

Unfortunately, workplace harassment is more common than you think. Most victims of harassment fail to understand the long-term effects the subtle bullying has on their mental wellbeing. In fact, the majority of the victims even fail to understand whether or not they are being harassed. These individuals view this activity as a normal workplace banter.

On the contrary, workplace harassment can cause severe mental health problems in the long run. It can affect your ability to trust other people, and can even cause a strain on your personal relationships. With that said, making compensation claims for harassment is quite difficult, as there is no tangible evidence to prove your side of the story. 

If you are getting harassed or bullied in the workplace, and you have collected evidence to justify your claim, you can benefit from the ensuing guide. 

What kind of claims can you make?

In the legal dictionary, the term ‘bullying’ is not yet recognised. However, the term ‘harassment’ is now gaining popularity. Bullying is now considered part of the harassment claims, in accordance with the 2010 Equality Act. You can make a harassment claim if you experience any of the following situations in the workplace. 

Obstructing promotions or training prospects 

Making a compensation for this type of harassment is quite difficult. This is because the intent of the third party may be hard to identify and prove.  The blocking of promotion, or restricting someone’s chances of receiving proper training does not highlight a direct cause and effect relationship. However, if you have tangible evidence that proves that a coworker, or your boss, is preventing you from getting a promotion, due to their malicious intent, you can submit a harassment claim. 

Constant criticism of a competent worker

Constant criticism can lead to severe mental health problems. In fact, numerous individuals suffer from anxiety and other depressive symptoms, as a result of workplace criticism. If you are a competent worker, with records to prove it, and you are being constantly criticised (without any basis for criticism), you can submit a harassment compensation claim to gain a settlement for the mental health treatment. However, in this scenario, you would have to provide a medical report, which is obtained from a certified mental health professional. 

Verbal Assault 

The verbal assault also falls in the category of bullying and workplace harassment. You can submit a claim by providing evidence of the distasteful things directed at you by someone in the workplace. Verbal assault can include using derogatory language, as well as distasteful sexual remarks.  You can collect the evidence in the form of an audio recording. 

Workplace discrimination 

The discrimination of employees in terms of gender, religion, disability, race, and age, can also be used to submit a harassment claim. Similar to the preceding cases, you would have to provide substantial evidence that links the harassment with malicious intent. This evidence can be collected in the form of audio or video recordings. Additionally, you can also acquire a statement from witnesses, as well as other employees with similar experiences, to strengthen your claim. 

Defamatory rumours 

Defamatory rumours can also be grounds for submitting a harassment claim. If your professional reputation is ruined due to the slanderous rumours, you can submit a claim to seek settlement for the psychological harm, as well as the potential loss of future income. 

How can harassment occur?

Workplace harassment occurs in more ways than one. You can be a victim of harassment, even if you are not directly confronted by the co-workers. Harassment can be carried out in the ensuing ways. 

Face-to-Face: Face-to-Face harassment includes any of the preceding acts, which are carried out in-person. While this type of harassment is the most common, it is also the most difficult to prove. 

Digital Harassment: Workplace harassment can also be carried out through digital means. If a co-worker sends an e-mail, or message to your smartphone or social media platform, you can take a screenshot to strengthen your claim. While this type of harassment is easier to prove, it is not as common as face-to-face harassment. 

Harassment via Call: Verbal assault often takes place over the phone. Most companies or employees use the telephone as a medium to say derogatory or discriminating things to their employees. If you have been a victim of this type of harassment, you can record the phone call, and use it as evidence to strengthen the claim.

How can you seek compensation? 

You can seek compensation for workplace harassment by employing the services of a professional solicitor. You can find the right service for your firm by taking the following steps. 

  • Search for ‘Glasgow solicitors’ OR depending on your area, on the search engine. 
  • Set up a consultation session to discuss your case.
  • Make sure that the firm operates under the No Win No Fee, or the CFA. 
  • Submit a claim.

Hamilton Douglas Legal has employed experienced Edinburgh solicitors to assist you with workplace injury and harassment claims. You can schedule a consultation session to discuss further details. 

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