Here’s why you should buy KTM Duke 250 this year!


KTM made its mark in the Indian motorbike industry in 2012, and since then, it has changed the way people looked at street motorcycles. KTM Bikes in India are highly popular. These bikes are known for their speed, style, design, and the unique orange-white color combination. With the growing popularity of KTM Bikes, the company decided to introduce an all-new model, just for the Indian markets – Duke 250. The latest model of the KTM Duke 250 comes with ABS and is now one of the favorite sport bikes among the young generation Indians. If you are looking to buy a sports bike this year, here are some features of Duke 250 that might convince you to stop looking further and buy this model. 

#1 Dual-Channel ABS

The latest version of 250 Duke gets the dual-channel ABS similar to 390 Duke. That is, you get switchable ABS that makes the bike more reliable, especially when on high speed. Nevertheless, other braking hardware remains unchanged in the newest 250 Duke. ABS has become mandatory in all premium bikes under the new law. Since Duke is designed for speed, the brand has ensured that the new 250 Duke gets all the necessary braking features to be able to run fearlessly on highways. 

#2 A Combination of 390 Duke and 200 Duke 

250 Duke is a hybrid model that gets the best of both worlds. It has been designed, keeping the costs low with features that offer a fantastic riding experience. KTM Duke 250 gets components and design ideas from both the 390 Duke and 200 Duke. For example, it boasts the same bodywork and split trellis frame from the sharper and modern 390 Duke. And it shares the similar 43mm WP rear mono-shock and the upside-down front forks with the 200 Duke. Nevertheless, to keep the costs further low, the 250 Duke doesn’t get the all-LED headlight lamp and color TFT screen of 390 Duke.  

#3 Powerful Performance

250 Duke is not just about looks. It has the performance to match the excellent looks. For starters, 250 Duke equips a 248.8cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that gives it an immense power – generating 30PS at 9000rpm and 24Nm at 7000rpm  of torque. As compared to the 200 Duke, it is 5PS and 5 Nm higher. Now, talking about the speed of 250 Duke, it can reach 0-60 kmph in just 3.51 seconds and 0-100 kmph in just 8.49 seconds. Now, that is a speed that you will not find in any other bikes in this range. The engine is quite impressive in terms of refinement, tractability, and performance. Nevertheless, this sports bike will be able to deliver a mileage of 41 kmpl in cities. It can drop down to 35.66 kmpl on highways. This is all because of the speed variations in both cities and highways. You can also browse more best perfromances KTM Bikes in India with a price list. 

#4 Pretty much no Competition 

One of the greatest aspects of 250 Duke is its positioning. You will probably not find any other competitor brand offering something similar in terms of performance, design, and cost. In short, there is no direct competition, and if you buy one, it won’t be compared to other bikes. This is the best thing about 250 Duke. While there are other bikes like the CBR250R in the same price range, 250 Duke has its unique USP that makes it different from any other bike. 

Overall, 250 Duke is one of the best options in terms of price, design, and performance. 


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