How long does it take to heal with PEMF therapy?


PEMF is not just an alternative treatment; it is now a US FDA-approved treatment for some disease conditions. It especially works well for boosting bone healing after fractures. In addition, it is good for numerous conditions like mood disorders, slow healing wounds, stimulating immunity, and much more.

One of the common beliefs is that non-pharmacological therapies like PEMF are slow to work. This might be true for some complementary medicines or herbal formulations but not for PEMF. There is strong evidence that PEMF starts working from the very first hours.

PEMF uses an electromagnetic field that is of low frequency and very close to the body’s own frequency. Furthermore, it does not apply electromagnetic fields continuously, rather than in pulses. Thus, it is able to penetrate deep inside the tissues. Moreover, it starts acting from the first day of its use.

It is among the few treatment methods that are equally good for the healing and prevention of diseases. It is because it helps regularize various body functions. It may help fine-tune the body’s activities, normalize hormone levels. Thus, it can boost suppressed activities and suppress overactive body functions.

Researchers are still exploring how PEMF works and what makes it so effective for boosting healing. Nonetheless, it appears that there could be multiple ways in which it may help. Thus, it may modulate local nerve signals, and it may alter energy production in the cells, and much more.

Bones are among the most difficult to heal tissues. Although they have excellent regenerative capacity, they take months to regain full strength after any fracture. Studies have long shown that PEMF may quite effectively boost healing processes, and it may show visible results in days.

To find out how effective PEMF is and how quickly it may work, researchers decided to do an experiment in lab mice. They used PEMF on lab mice to boost healing processes for bone disorders. For this experiment, they used 15 Hz PEMF and applied it to mouse models for fourteen days.

Researchers tested the effect of PEMF on bone healing on days 3, 5, and 7. They found that there were 34% more osteoblasts after the three days of treatment. This small experiment confirms that one does not have to wait for weeks or months to experience the effects of PEMF.

Such effects are also replicated in some studies in humans. Researchers are especially testing PEMF in chronic and difficult to treat conditions like depression. Studies show that even strong pharmacological drugs start showing effect only after 6 to 8 weeks in depression. However, it appears that PEMF could be a much faster treatment.

In one of the studies in McLean Hospital, one of the leading centers for treating psychiatric disorders, researchers tested low-field magnetic stimulation for depression. Researchers were amazed at how quickly these waves may start acting. In the experiment, researchers found that these electromagnetic waves could improve mood from the very first day, much faster than medicines.

Therefore, it would be right to conclude that PEMF is not only safe and easy to use, but it also works wonderfully fast in many cases. Moreover, experiments show that it is not just quick in boosting healing processes; its actions on the brain also occur quickly.

For those looking to use PEMF mats to boost healing, it is worth knowing that most of them have options for changing electromagnetic frequency. It is because different frequencies may work for different people. One may also use various frequencies in a single session. One may check the specifications of various PEMF mats at


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