How to Choose the Right Sofa Set for Your Living Room

Sofa Set

A sofa set is more than just a unit to sit comfortably, it is the crown jewel of your living room. Designers often recommend that you first purchase the sofa set and then decorate the remaining part of the living room depending on its texture and design. We live in an era, where there are endless options of sofa designs available, and picking the one that’s perfect for your living room, could give you sleepless nights. Before you jump the gun, here are some things to consider while you are taking a final decision.

1. Scale the Size- The most important factor before you decide what model of sofa should you bring in is to consider the size of the living room space. If you have a large living area, then you need to decide how much space from it would you like to dedicate to placing the sofa set. Many people like to create two sit-out areas in the large livings room, one where guests are entertained, and the other is meant for the family to gather and spend time together. When you have a smaller space, by default your sofa set becomes the focal point of the room, which means you need to pick a design that’s a mixture of comfort, functionality, and fashion. 

2. Shape of the Living Room – Along with the size, the shape of the living room also needs assessment. Placing an l shape sofa makes more sense when you have a rectangular living room, it gives a clear demarcation of the space. Three plus two-seater sofa sets look better in square shape space. 

3. Model of Sofa Set- The model of the sofa set you choose largely depends on the theme of your interior décor. For example, leather sofas look sleek with a contemporary setup, while intricately carved Sheesham wood sofa set looks beautiful with Indian aesthetics.

4. Traffic Flow- This is the most ignored aspect while purchasing a sofa set. If you live in a large family or have a high number of visitors, it’s important to bring in a sofa set that offers more seating area. You can also bring in sofa cum bed as well, to create extra sleeping space for relatives and friends. Place the sofa set in such a way, that it doesn’t obstruct the flow of people in the living space.

5. Functional over Wishfulness- Give practicality a priority over being wistful while purchasing the sofa set. Remember, you are going to purchase this piece of furniture for extensive use for years to come. It’s a big investment that you are going to make, so you must make a wise decision. Ensure to check all the aspects of the sofa like the seating capacity, the depth of the seating, comfortable hand rest, solid frame to name a few. 

Material of the sofa also can make or break the look of your living room. Explore different fabrics available and pick the one that’s in your budget and replicate the theme you wish you establish for your interior décor.


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