How to Plan Your Home Workout Sessions?

Home workouts do not differ in any special system, everything, like in any other, it is possible to choose an approach and goal – functional training, development of endurance, coordination, maintaining a healthy tone, or a desire to lose weight. It is important to exercise regularly.

Exercises are limited only by inventory, but even basic exercises are enough to get a complex load and feel great. Make sure you have a hockey tape with you for better grip and a useful session.

Then let’s start right away with what can be useful for training at home?

How to do it?

A little free space – 2–3 m2, a stool, old father’s dumbbells, a kettlebell (if you find it). You will definitely need to purchase – a pair of elastic bands or loops, a horizontal bar (crossbar) and a rubber mat. You can supplement all this with a med ball for at least 5 kilograms.

List of Exercises to do

If you have at least half of the above, you can start.

Squats and lunges are so versatile that they can even be done while on holiday at the hotel. Strengthen the legs and buttocks well. Using dumbbells, med ball, and a stool can be used to complicate these simple exercises, such as the stool-supported split squat. In addition to the leg muscles, the core muscles and stabilizers will turn on.

Plank and any complications. Strengthens the entire body from arms to legs, especially the abs, back, buttocks, shoulders and chest. While holding it, it is important not to bend in the lower back. This is a static exercise and will last as long as your training allows.

Push-ups will work well for your pecs, shoulders, and triceps. When simple push-ups are not enough, leaning on the medball will force the stabilizers and deep core muscles to work. You can combine push-ups and plank and jumping. There are many options.

Pull-ups. Even if you don’t know how to pull up, you can start striving for it. This is a good exercise to strengthen your back and biceps. It’s great if you have a bar at home, and if not, it’s an excuse to go outside and do some outdoor workout.

Plyometric exercises are jumping, in place, over the rope, with changing legs, from side to side, and many other options. They are quite intense, they start metabolic processes, which contributes to fat burning, and strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Dumbbell exercises. They can be adapted to train most muscle groups throughout the body. Do squats with them; for hands – lifts, swings, presses, traction; include in multifunctional exercises.

Elastic bands and loops are used to complicate what you have already mastered, or to simplify some exercises, for example, pull-ups – if you attach the tape to the crossbar and lean on it with one foot, it will take on some of your weight.

Final Words

All of the above are basic exercises, and as you know, they achieve different results with the help of them: they lose weight, gain muscle mass, develop strength, endurance, and create a relief body. So, all this can be done at home! The main thing is to stick to the training plan and the set goal.

Basant Kumar
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