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As of now, more than 30 million companies around the world are utilizing the LinkedIn software for businesses. Known as the place where businesses look for the best candidates, LinkedIn is increasingly interested in big companies to implement marketing campaigns related to their brands.

There are many apps that support businesses’ marketing activities on LinkedIn. Each application is targeted at different users, from small businesses to the “big” in the market.

In the tutorial below, we would like to reveal to you the tips that can help brands become more prominent on the social networking platform LinkedIn. Hopefully the following information will be helpful for your business marketing strategy.

How to register and use LinkedIn Business

How to set up a business account on LinkedIn:

1. Set up LinkedIn page for businesses

To start a marketing campaign on LinkedIn, first of all, you need to have a “fanpage” on this social networking platform (within the framework of this article, we will call this fanpage “your LinkedIn page”). . Here’s a quick guide on how to set up a LinkedIn page for businesses:

Step 1: You access the “LinkedIn Pages” section on the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions website. Click on the “Create your Page” button.

Step 2: Choose the right type for your business.

Step 3: Fill in the information about the business. Please note that the name of the business is synchronized with other social networking platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, …)

Step 4: Upload your business logo and a brief description of your business. Don’t skip this step because statistically, businesses with LinkedIn avatars will attract visitors 6 times more than businesses that don’t.

As a final step, simply click the “Create page” button to complete the creation of a LinkedIn page for your business.

2. Complete the creation of LinkedIn pages for businesses

Usually, the information you enter when starting up the page is only basic (such as business name, short description, organizational structure, …). The user needs more than the background information above.

Therefore, you need to add a few other issues related to your business in the bio section of LinkedIn. This is the reason that can help your business’s LinkedIn page get 30% more views from users.

Additional information you may need includes:

Description of business: Vision, goals, core values. This section allows you to enter up to 156 characters.

Location: If your business has many offices and headquarters, you can completely fill in this section.

Hashtag: Keywords that help users easily find your business’s LinkedIn page.

Cover photo: Choose a cover photo that speaks to the core value of your business. Recommended cover image resolution is: 1584 x 396px.

CTA button: You are allowed to add CTA button from LinkedIn to your business website. Do not forget to add UTM to the link to the website for easy tracking.

Adjust the language: You can completely adjust the brand description, business name to match the audience of your LinkedIn page.

3. Share your LinkedIn Business page

Let people know about the existence of your LinkedIn business. There is no other way, you need to share them with employees, partners, customers and the public.

With any platform such as via notifications on the website, on Facebook, Instagram, you absolutely can send your “friendly invitation” to the target user.

You can even Invite follow page invites to potential users on LinkedIn. All you have to do is: Click on the “Admin” option in the right hand corner of the screen and select “Invite Connections”.

4. Embed the LinkedIn tracking button on your website

Don’t forget to embed the LinkedIn follow button on your business’s website to “remind” readers to follow you on this social networking platform.

You can even allow users to share useful content on your site on LinkedIn.

5. Set up a marketing strategy on LinkedIn

After completing the LinkedIn page for businesses, it’s time to launch your social media marketing campaign.

First, you need to determine the goals you want to achieve when implementing the campaign. Do you want to recruit high quality human resources, connect with potential customers, or both? What should the budget for the campaign be? Or what is the right SEO strategy for your online shop?

Next, you need to identify the audience that the business campaign you want to target: How old are they, how much income do they do, what kind of technology platform do they usually use to access LinkedIn?

Finally, you build and schedule the release of marketing content on LinkedIn. With careful preparation, you will not have to worry about the strategies you deviate from the plan.

7 tips to implement marketing campaigns on LinkedIn

With the following tips, your business’s LinkedIn marketing campaign will achieve better results:

1. Attach posts with videos, photos, useful documents

Attach LinkedIn post content with illustrations, videos, or other useful document files.

This approach can increase 98% of comments and readers’ interaction with the content you build.

2. Optimize content to increase access to potential customers

Some aspects you need to pay attention to the content marketing of the post to reach the maximum potential audience:

  • Optimize content on LinkedIn
  • Post posts on time and have content that attracts the attention of customers
  • Note the use of bullets with long posts.
  • Emphasize reliable metrics and citations to persuade readers.
  • Tag people who are related to the post (similar to how you tag your friends when posting on Facebook).
  • Ask questions, slowly guide them to answer those questions satisfactorily.
  • Set attractive titles, pointing to the issues that readers are interested in.
  • Answering the reader’s questions in the comment section.

3. Post content at the right time

Many times, posting lots of content on LinkedIn is not as effective as posting it at the right time. According to research by Hootsuite, a globally renowned social marketing management platform, the appropriate time to post on LinkedIn is at 7:45 am, 10:45 am, 12:45 am and 5:45 pm.

4. Use LinkedIn Live

A new feature of LinkedIn is the ability to stream live video 24 hours through LinkedIn Live. Using this feature, businesses can hold discussions with famous people (for example, influencers in the industry), answer questions from viewers, or organize a workshop to convey useful knowledge. Online interaction is a new trend of social networks, you should not ignore!

5. Links to other LinkedIn pages owned by you

This is a smart way to reach out to a wider audience on LinkedIn.

For example, Adobe has a total of five LinkedIn sites linked to their main page: Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, Magento, Adobe Experience, and CMO.

6. Analyze data from LinkedIn Analytics

Check data from LinkedIn Analytics regularly so that you can make the appropriate adjustments in your marketing strategy.

With this analytics tool, you can get a handle on: What users are frequently interacting with your page; What content attracts the most interaction; When is it best to post on LinkedIn?

7. Target the right audience

The most important thing that any administrator needs to master is: Reach the right target customers of the business. The spread of content investment only costs your business unnecessary marketing expenses.

By using complementary tools and LinkedIn Analytics, you can completely identify the exact target group at a glance.

Marketing auxiliary tools on LinkedIn

Your marketing on LinkedIn will be easier than ever if you take advantage of the following tools:

1. Canva

Canva is a tool that allows you to design and customize images for free. This tool is especially important because: A beautiful image is what excites the reader’s attention more than a plain text content.

Canva also supports you to create GIF and video content. With non-commercial music library, you can use it for your posts without having to worry about copyright issues.

2. SlideShare

This is a useful platform for you to share your PowerPoint files with your LinkedIn audience.

Moreover, this tool also allows you to track the effectiveness of access to these PowerPoint files after you share them outside.

3. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups gives you access to a large community group in the form of an open forum.

4. Open for Business

LinkedIn’s Open for Business tool enables small and medium-sized businesses to effectively reach out to their potential users. Some features you can use in this tool include:

  • Allowed to read and text with personal profiles.
  • Use the search feature to access profiles operating in specific narrow areas.

5. Hootsuite

With Hootsuite, businesses can use the following features to apply to their marketing campaigns:

  • Building and scheduling content release.
  • Respond to comments and messages from readers on the page.
  • Data analysis on LinkedIn.
  • Develop detailed and specific reports for you to present to your superiors.

Hopefully the information we shared just now will help you better understand how to create a LinkedIn Business account for your business as well as build a marketing strategy on the social networking platform LinkedIn. Good luck!


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