MP3 Juice Music: The Easiest Way to Listen on the Go

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The MP3 Juice music app is the easiest way to listen to your favorite tunes on the go. It gives you access to millions of songs without having to worry about data usage or streaming quality. All that and it doesn’t cost a thing!

How to Download:

Search for “Mp3 Juice Music” in the App Store or Google Play store. Install and open the app once it’s on your phone! Tap at the top of the screen, then tap Sign Up. Enter your email address, password (twice) and agree to MP3 Juice music terms by tapping Next. You’ll get a verification code that you need to enter into the text box next time you sign in; copy this code down so you don’t forget!. Tap Done when done with all info inputting/copying etc. Once signed up, tap Add Account > Facebook or Google (saved account). From there fill out username information and tap the Get Verification Code button and wait for a verification code to be sent via email or text message. Enter it into the next screen (text box). Hit Done > Sign In when finished with all signing in stuff. Now you can listen to music by tapping on the tab at the top of the screen and scrolling through your list, finding a song or artist that you like. Tap-and tap Listen! to get started.

Features of Mp3 Juice Music:

  • Unlimited access to millions of songs!
  • No data usage or streaming quality issues.
  • Downloading music is free and downloading doesn’t count against your storage space on the app, so you can download as much as you want without paying for anything!
  • No ads!
  • The MPB (MPEG Private Box) feature encrypts all audio files to 256 kbit/s in 320kbps Mp40 format. It also enables users to listen offline from a downloaded song list or playlist while not connected to any internet connection. 
  • This privacy measure prevents anyone else from listening in on private songs and videos that someone may not want others to see.
  • When you’re listening offline, MPB hides the downloaded content in a “private box” on your device so that it can’t be seen or accessed by anyone else who isn’t authorized with an Mp40 decryption key even if they log into your account and try to get access!
  • MPB also encrypts all audio files which means nobody will be able to listen in on private songs and videos without having the encryption keys for them too. This is especially important when someone has music downloaded onto their phone or tablet outside of the app such as from iTunes, because these unprotected files are easy targets for people looking to steal personal information through hacking.
  • The Playlist feature lets users create a playlist with any songs they like and listen to them on their own schedule. You can personalize your playlists by saving the name, adding an album art image, or picking a color for it!
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Remember: Mp3 Juice Music works best with a WiFI connection since it requires an internet connection in order to connect. If there’s no WiFi available, then use cellular data (not prepaid). You’ll need a stable wireless signal in order to listen uninterrupted while out and about. However if you’re at home/work having wifi should be fine. And don’t forget that when typing in passwords etc., make sure not to type too fast or mess up or you’ll have to start over again! When you’ve found a song in the app that you want someone else to listen to, tap on it and then hit Copy Link. You’ll get a link copied into your clipboard! Now you can just share this link via Facebook or text message (or any other social media outlet) so they can also listen to the music if desired.

If you’re looking for a way to listen to music on the go, MP3 Juice is the easiest and most affordable solution. Get started today!!Hope you liked this blog and it was helpful,for more such blogs.Stay tuned.


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