Sergey Tokarev About Diia.City United as the Rise of Collaborative Creativity in the Age of Digital Economy



Sergey Tokarev, an IT entrepreneur and investor, shared an important message on Facebook. The largest Ukrainian technology companies have united in Diia.City United to establish transparent rules, create an auspicious business climate and improve the Diia.City regime. Among the initiators of this union, along with Roosh, are such market leaders as Monobank, Genesis, Ajax Systems, MacPaw and Netpeak Group. This event promises to be a significant step towards developing the Ukrainian technology industry and improving conditions for all participants in this market.

Sergey Tokarev emphasizes the importance of the Union as an effective tool to meet the needs of the Ukrainian IT sector in interaction with the government. He highlights several key aspects, such as ensuring legal transparency, predictability in operations, creating a business climate and protecting the legal regime, which makes this alliance particularly significant. Tokarev is confident that these measures will not only solve current problems but also contribute to the development of the industry on a long-term basis, ensuring mutually beneficial cooperation between business and the state.

The presentation of Diia.City United, which took place in Kyiv, Ukraine, highlighted the strategic priorities of the new union. These include protecting and improving the Diia.City regime, establishing transparent and fair rules of interaction between the state and the technology sector, solving pressing problems in the field of information technology, developing education, active integration of the Ukrainian technology industry into world markets and the European Union, as well as creating equal opportunities for all segments of society in business and education.

Natalia Mikolskaya, executive director of the Union, emphasized in her speech the importance of government officials not only hearing but also understanding the needs of technology businesses. She noted that the main focus of the Union is now aimed at solving pressing issues of Diia.City and its further development, as well as promoting Ukrainian technology companies in the global market.

The founders of Diia.City United emphasize in their address that Ukraine already has serious achievements in the global technology market. However, to become a true leader, the country needs to create transparent and favorable conditions for doing business. They believe that this will accelerate the growth of the industry and attract large volumes of foreign investment in Ukrainian IT companies.

Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology, Minister of Digital Transformation, highlighted that more than 800 companies today are residents of Diia.City. Of these, about 100 specialize in defense technologies. This demonstrates an important step forward in the development of the Ukrainian technology sector and confirms the country as a player in the innovation sectors.

The presentation of Diia.City United became the center of attention not only for the members of the Union and residents of Diia.City. The event was also attended by high-ranking representatives of the technology community, including representatives of leading IT companies, startups and innovative projects. Moreover, members of parliament, representatives of the European Union and G7 countries gathered in the hall and showed interest in the development of the Ukrainian technology sector.

According to Sergey Tokarev, the presence of investors and opinion leaders at this event underscores its significance for the business community and society as a whole. This event became a striking example of the unity of various spheres of society in the desire to improve the technological space and improve the legislative framework, as well as evidence that Ukraine is seriously aiming at developing the innovation and IT sector and is ready for cooperation both at the national and international levels.


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