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Carmen Sandiego said I’m gonna be a badass spy cartoon and I’m gonna be fashionable while doing it and honey I am here for it Carmen Sandiego season 2 was every thingoh my goodness like season 1 was good the season 2 was better there is always this fear that a show will be able to match what it created in season 1 where has Carmen Sandiego season 2 never captured the wonder that season 1 did I don’t think any show can capture the wonder. Paw patrol names are also in this category because of their unique concept.

that its first season did I’m looking at you Shira but carmen sandiago which sounds like one of the rogue names was able to say yeah we’re not season one or season two but we are going above and beyond we’re not gonna try and I don’t know siphon the things that made season one better whereas I personally feel I like season one more I feel that’s only because its till had that new factor it. 

it had that oh this is something I’ve never seen before or not in this capacity cuz I am NOT or never have been familiar with this um character this world and where where this takes place now a minor criticism I had from season one was that the information dumps at the beginning of the episode it seemed kind of preachy like they’re trying to teach you kind of like little einsteins Disney Junior kind of ish but that I just equated it too kay the demographic. 

they’re going for our more younger kids and it teaches them about the world and the world they live in but season two did it so much better it was cornyer but it was better I wasn’t rolling my eyes at the information dumps I looked forward to them and by the time they were halfway done I’m like hey wait they’re feeding me information I’m learning I did not consent to learn okay this cartoon does not have my approval to teach me shit but that’s what’s great about it? 

it teaches you stuff when you don’t I just love the fact that 95 85 90 percent of the knowledge I have today is from cartoons so whenever people tell me cultures rot your brains or cartoons are  not good for you most of this shit I know is from cartoons so I appreciate a cartoon actively trying to teach kids about the world about different cultures you. 

believe it or not so having this show point to places say was interesting about them and explain the min the way and give information about them that if you’re maybe a casual learner or you’re familiar with that culture on that region some of these things are familiar to you get more in depth or more specific things about them like Milan or South America or maybe Japan or something like I when sensei was explaining about the whole sword thing that whole arc I learned more about Japan and I thought I will I would from a Netflix cartoon. 

I appreciate how the stories show teaches you stuff and it’s like I said it’s fashionable as all get-out my goodness characters and causes they you know how cartoons have characters were the same outfits all the time this show does that but also doesn’t they’re they’re characters who wear the same clothes but when they want to change a character’s outfit holy shit do you remember it Carmen is beautiful and it’s the sin this season. 

I felt was more funny because the funniest episode to me is hands down season 4 sorry episode 4 the fashionista caper which is again the most gorgeous looking at pursued card where Ivey and Zack wood has been idiots I just I hate idiots idekick characters and I also like them but I viens address have this dynamic and I felt like season to give them more strength and you understand them they’re more I think they’re younger then we assumed. 

I thought everybody on this crew was like in their early 20s but they are probably 19 I literally can just go online and check but I don’t want to and I’m still Carmen ex-player from shipper but this Carmen effects crackle and I kind of see a long crackle to regain his memories what did he call him his name’s Rocco actually has a name but I just can’t remember right now write it up for free but I want him to regain his memory and I feel like karma see them as a brother. 

but maybe he’s always had feelings for her and I want to see if he gains his memory will you hold that against file like I’d like to see where that story line will go and I’d really like to know players age because I cannot in good conscience ship him with Carmen because like I said when we saw Carmen on the island and how her exact first became friends then looked like they’d probably just be the same age or year apart but a year later Carmen just grew out Her rera. 

suddenly she looks in her 20s so the show I don’t know them dealing with time is kind of iffy but the end of the season was what I felt the weight on my shoulder like oh my god I hope since he didn’t kill her parents oh my god where and she has a mother and oh my god the story it’s so well crafted and turned out the vile lady was the one who shot him but now she’s bringing her back in agent davon Oh commander sergeant Devin or whatever and the intricacy the the series of events that leads to other things happening is so well done. 

I want to cry it’s so frick in good and I love it and I cannot recommend this season enough this sure enough it’s guys it’s good agent Deveraux is this the best kind of idiot I like the fact that he’son the wrong path but he does it correctly like his idiosyncrasies it’s his greatest strength and I don’t know any other car cuz I completed that that well and I’d love to see him back I forgot her name the one with the glasses she in season one she was against Carmen. 

but now because she thought she heard a started Ivana but they kind of twisted her character to be for Carmen because they needed somebody on Agni side who will give Carmen the benefit of the doubt while I don’t like when characters are switched drastically I’ve mentioned this before Frost is she another character and I say I thinks witching characters around but in this case I understand it because she’s a smart character so it makes sense that she probably sat down and thought about it and things didn’t connect. 

so I appreciate the fact that even though her character is switched it was switched in an organic way that doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb I guess that’s it great plot great character designs great premise solid build up to the next season everything was perfect and I kind of believe Carmen Sandiego aired this year season one and two all just drop this year and we have been blessed by the show’s existence and I need you if you haven’t watched this and know if you ever watch this and I spoiled some things but still go and watch it it’s it’s short because it’s Netflix and it’s really good I’m considering season one and two is just one season one and whatever happened that season one finale can begin mid season finale but yeah go check it out go watch it I hope you enjoy and aren’t reviewing here ah and the princesses of power oh god I’m looking forward to that one thanks University so much for clicking to watch and all that with that being said this is easy


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