The Best Productivity Apps to Explore in 2021

The Best Productivity Apps to Explore in 2021
The Best Productivity Apps to Explore in 2021

Aren’t we all just secretly hoping for magic to happen that can supercharge our lazy quarantined selves? 

Well, let’s be honest, the past few months into the world has shown us that magic cannot fix the situation. Instead, a lot of effort goes into getting back into our long-lost productive modes. 

If you have not found your solution yet then we are going to help you through this blog. 

Once you start searching for the ways that can bring back your energized and productive self you will be flooded from right, front and center. 

However, not everything works for everyone. 

Instead, you need to pick on options that can help you understand your nature of work, thought process, and approach towards productivity. 

Therefore, in this blog, we are going to cover some of the best productivity apps outside that can help you get started in 2021. 

But before that let’s get things cleared out. 

What is a Productivity App and What are The Essentials Required for it?

A productive app is a type of application that allows teams, organizations, and even individuals to perform their best throughout day to day operations. 

It involves helping employees work faster, as well as teams collaborating and companies being more efficient towards making their goals achievable. Moreover, taking notes, daily reminders, tracking time, and event email management are some of the tasks that products perform. 

With the help of productivity apps, employees can manage their everyday tasks more effectively. Apart from team collaboration, keeping everyone’s updates, accessing cross-application integration, tracking invoices, and ensuring a better experience can be achieved. 

However, to access these luxury features user requires a stable internet connection. 

A stable internet connection can make your experience with such applications more friendly.

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The Most Used Productivity Apps

Now that you are well aware of how important products software is here are the suggestions that we’ll recommend in this regard: 


A platform with multiple purposes, ProofHub is an all-in-one platform for remote teams, small businesses, freelancers, and even enterprises. 

The app helps the users work smarter by making the day-to-day tasks easier to collaborate, organize, track, organize, and even deliver. 

The key highlights of the app are chat, Gantt chart, custom roles, files, notes, custom reports, timesheets, discussion, and a lot more. 


The cloud-based team collaboration app, Slack, is one of the most-used productivity apps out there. 

Slack provides access to information that can be shared effectively about teams working on a project and helps in achieving effective outcomes. 

The key highlights of the app include accessing messaging features, file sharing, and helping in the powerful search feature for project completion. 

However, one of the best parts of Slack is that it makes communication easier among teams. Also, the app integrates with the apps you use. 

Any. do

The application is used by professionals to stay organized and get work done in less time; Any. do, is great for everything. 

With the productivity software, you can keep a list of all the tasks performed and also keep them organized in one place. 


One of the best apps designed for organizing tasks, note-taking, and task management is called Evernote. 

As the name suggests, the app helps in prioritizing ideas, taking minutes of the meeting, creating a to-do list in one place, and making tasks easier and time-effective. 

Rescue Time

The fully automated time tracking software application, RescueTime, is designed to help users have control of the time they spend on various tasks. 

Through this app, you can miniature computer activities. It also helps in monitoring the time you are spent on distractions such as meetings and phone calls. 

The Way to Productivity

What if there is an app for all things you are struggling with? Well, guess what there are!


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