The Best Ways to Secure your Mobile Phone

mobile protection plan
mobile protection plan

According to a recent market report, the number of smartphone users in India stands at 502.2 million, as of 31st December 2019. 

The advent and popularity of smartphones in recent years has also placed India as the second-largest internet population globally. The wide-scale connectivity via the internet paves the way for exponential progress in both an economic and social sense. However, it also leaves a large portion of the population significantly vulnerable in events like theft. 

  • 77% – Indians use smartphones, according to the latest reports.
  • 15% – Rise in smartphone usage from 2018.
  • $3.92 million – Average global cost of data breaches.

Since smartphones contain an abundance of private data, both financial and related to identity, as well as provide significant utility, it is highly essential to take measures like purchasing a mobile insurance plan. It will allow you to mitigate or eliminate the possibility of financial loss or other neighbouring implications. 

Ways to secure your mobile phone

When you newly purchase a mobile phone, you need to entertain precautionary measures to ensure the least possible harm or damage from probable accidents, theft, or loss. Furthermore, you also ought to learn of ways to secure your phone after your phone is lost, stolen, or accidentally damaged. 

  1. Use a “phone finder” application

It is a highly useful app when your phone is lost or misplaced. These apps use your phone’s GPS to track its movement or locate it in the virtual map at any point in time. However, for such applications to work, your phone needs to be operational, receive internet connection via either cellular data or wireless network, and location tracker, i.e. GPS, should be turned on. Therefore, “find my phone” apps are not useful if your phone is stolen. 

  1. Backup data regularly

It is quintessential that you regularly backup your phone’s data to ensure that even if your phone is stolen or lost, you do not end up losing any important files. 

  • 200 – Number of mobile phones stolen daily in metros like Bangalore.

Mobile carriers often offer brand-specific cloud services for backing up data, which you can activate when newly setting up your phone. You can also opt for cloud services so that you can easily retrieve your data when using a different brand next time. 

  1. Keep in handy your phone’s IMEI

IMEI is unique to each smartphone, which is required when you report an FIR for your stolen phone. IEMI is challenging to alter and therefore, can be used to track a phone. Consequently, it is wise to keep the IMEI in handy should you need to report an FIR sans recourse to knowing it from another source. 

  1. Set up remote wipe

When you realise your phone is stolen or lost, you can initiate a remote wipe. It is a command that allows you to wipe data from a smartphone remotely. However, similar to phone finder apps, remote wipe requires that a phone is operational and receives data connection. Nevertheless, if you promptly realise your phone is stolen, then you can command a remote wipe effectively. 

  1. Purchasing a mobile insurance policy 

One of the most effective ways to secure a mobile phone is to purchase a plan for mobile insurance online. There are several variants of an insurance policy for mobile phones. For instance, Bajaj Finserv provides Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions like Mobile Screen Insurance Plan to cover damages to the screen of your smartphone financially.

  • Rs.10,000 – Average expenditure on smartphones in India.

Furthermore, screen damage due to accidents sans an insurance policy can be a sizable expenditure on your part, especially if you use expensive smartphones from brands like Samsung.  Therefore, consider purchasing a Samsung insurance policy to cushion the financial blow considerably. 

Mobile phone insurance policies also provide financial coverage against screen damages incurred due to perils like fire, riots, and natural calamities. 

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Nevertheless, when purchasing a mobile insurance plan, you ought to consider a few factors. These are – 

  • Check for insurance policies that provide a high coverage amount to ensure adequate financial assistance. A substantial coverage amount is highly applicable for brands like OnePlus. Thus, avail a OnePlus insurance plan that comes with an amount sufficient to provide financial coverage should the need arise. 
  • Check the extent of coverage provided under an insurance policy. It is wise to go for a plan that covers a wide range of perils to ensure maximum security for your mobile phone.
  • Ensure that the mobile insurance policy you purchase covers accidental damages as well as electrical and mechanical breakdowns. 

Besides your mobile phone, you can also consider a handheld tablet devices insurance plan for your tablet. It would allow you to alleviate your financial loss in case your tablet undergoes repair from screen damage or breakdowns.

You might also consider a handheld e-reading insurance to receive financial coverage against accidental damages, damage from robbery or burglary, etc.

Nevertheless, it is quintessential on your part to undertake precautionary measures for your mobile phone beforehand with less effort and expense. That way, you can avoid sizable and unprecedented financial loss later. 


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