The Fascinating Science of Best Grenade Spots: Dust 2


Dust 2 is the most popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map, and it’s also one of the oldest. The map was created in 2001, but its popularity has endured for many years. The name “dust 2” comes from an early version of this map that had a desert theme. The design was later changed to make Dust 2 look more like a Middle Eastern town with dust blowing through the streets. The first time you play on Dust 2, chances are you’ll be wondering how to get better at using grenades.

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This article will cover some fundamentals about grenade placement and strategies for landing those perfect nades!

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, players can throw grenades to do splash damage. The best place for a player to throw these devastating explosives is in areas where enemies will have minimal cover from the explosion. The idea of grenade placement is taking advantage of how they explode and using it against your enemy with well timed detonations that maximize their effectiveness. The best spots for grenades in Dust is the courtyard area at Bombsite B. The high ground on A site can be useful as well, but it’s important to note that these places are heavily contested and will most likely require spamming nades to get kills. The middle of C-site also has potential because a thrown grenade there will either take out an enemy player or cause them had cover options.

An Ivy Wall: The ivy wall located towards site isn’t just for show! It provides some great hiding spots for players looking to avoid getting shot by enemies who might not have seen you yet! The walls around this spot provide good protection from gunfire coming from balconies overlooking the entire map (which means your back won’t be exposed to other players). The ivy wall will also block off any grenades thrown at you, so as long as it’s not a molotov.

Stairs: The stairs are always an option for bombing out the enemy team because it is on such high ground and they’ll have to work their way up to get back into position! The downside of this spot would be that if you’re facing down site, enemies can come from behind with no cover in front of them which might make your job more difficult. The best thing about these stairs is that they allow for extra protection around the area by using walls or even crates (depending on what part of the map suits your needs)!

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photo 1580715911453 d6d9cffd5771

The Third Person Perspective- The third person perspective has a lot of advantages to it, but can also be dangerous. The advantage is that you have a better view of the map in front of you and are able to see if enemies will come from behind or not (it’ll show up on your radar). The disadvantage would be that it’s harder for you to “bomb out” any opponents because they don’t know where your grenade is coming from, so this might require swapping between third-person perspective and first person perspective depending on what type of gameplay action you’re wanting to do!


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