The packaging is Winning Race

sleeve boxes
sleeve boxes

The packaging is a crucial part of any product’s final presentation. The packaging is, in fact, the name of packing and storing the product for different purposes like; keeping it safe and easy distribution to all places. A product itself without a cover is hard to carry, especially when you are looking for the shipping of products in bulk. For instance, imagine you have to distribute 5thousand perfume bottles to some particular place. It will be hard for you to deliver them safely until you carry them in some packaging box.

Whether you want to ship utility items or food products, everything needed to be distributed in proper packaging boxes. There was a time when packaging boxes were simple and were available in some standard shapes and sizes. The only purpose of them was to be stored safely. But now they are not just a piece of storage box; they are brand ambassadors, marketing tools, and decorative items. Many designs fulfill a large range of requirements more than mere storage. New and new models are flooding the market now and then and giving tough competition to each other. Among those many useful and attractive pillow boxes, Pillow shaped box and sleeve slider box are winning the race for being most popular. They are not only trending but also at the top of all other designs. Here are the reasons why both are famous and beneficial from all others available in the market.

pillow boxes
pillow boxes

Sleeve Slider Box:

  • User Friendly:

One thing that everyone looks for in buying a product is user-friendly handling. Silver Slider box is easy to open and user-friendly boxes. These boxes become your brand ambassador just by easy opening. Suppose a customer buys your product, and there are too many layers on the opening point. They might get frustrated or damage the packaging while trying to open it. They will remember that experience and avoid buying that particular brand afterward to avoid the annoyance and frustration. Likewise, if it’s easy and quick to open, they will always remember it, and your brand might become their first choice.

  • Easy storage:

As I mentioned below, storage is an issue without proper packaging, especially in bulks. The sleeve slider boxes are square in designs and save a lot of storage trouble. It protects the product from damages, and products keep intact in heavy pressures. A sleeve slider box might have small product boxes, which is not found in any other design structure.

  • Cost-effectiveness:

One thing that is most important after quality is cost-effectiveness. If you want some high tech packaging and it costs you more than your product than it is of no use. That will automatically raise the product’s price, or the product owner might have to bear the loss. Sleeve boxes are convenient, easy, and also a cost-effective choice. So that means an easy and economical choice for everyone.

  • Attraction:

There are hundreds of products available in the market, and it is not possible that a simple box can make its place. The sleeve slider box is convenient and stylish all along. A simplistic opening and easy handling make it prominent and different from all other available choices.

Pillow shaped Boxes:

Pillow shaped boxes offer many features; some are the same as the sleeve slider box, and some are different, but all together make it a perfect choice for packaging boxes. Here are few of its features that make it the winner of the race:

  • Choices for material:

When you are opting for Pillow shaped box, you can select the material yourself. The materials are Cardboard & Kraft. Both articles offer strength and power to transfer the product to the delivery destination safely and sound. They keep products safe from internal or external damages, and no matter what the product is, jewelry, soap, or food items – pillow shape boxes are a perfect fit for all.

  • Beauty attracts:

Pillow shaped boxes are attractive and beautiful; that’s why retailers and shopkeepers love to display them on their shelves to appeal customers toward the product. Pillow shape boxes look cute and fascinating anywhere they are placed. If you have customized the pillow shape box according to your brand, that will also become a popular brand ambassador.

  • Easy Storage:

Pillow shape boxes are small and perfect for adjusting in any place that makes them an easy storage item as sleeve slider boxes. Also, they are strong enough to resist any heavy pressure and damage.

  • Economical Packaging:

Pillow shape boxes are all in one choice because they are convenient, attractive user friendly and economical packaging boxes.


Only a few packaging can provide all a person can desire; that’s why both are winning race forever.


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