Top 4 WordPress Plugins That Can Turn A Website Mobile-friendly

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kaleidico cfWHqi yaKs unsplash

Building a website with mobile-friendly features is not just an option today. It is a mandatory update that every website should make in order to stay competitive and to carry a rank on search engines. 

Yeah, Google’s latest announcement says that the websites with a mobile-friendly attitude will be ranked higher compared to other websites. Even if the website is designed with compelling features and great user experience, it won’t carry a good rank on SERPs. Therefore, building a mobile-friendly website is a mandate.

Are you wondering how to create such a fruitful website? No worries! There is no rocket-science in building a mobile-friendly website. 

Instead, you visit a website development Delhi based company or of any other region and outsource your job. The professional development team makes use of powerful plugins to turn a WordPress website mobile-friendly.

Have a look at the top 4 WordPress Plugins that fit perfectly for this job.

4 Best WordPress plugins for mobile-friendly website development

  1. WPtouch: WPtouch is always the first choice made for mobile-friendly plugins. It is considered the most efficient plugin that takes hardly any time to turn a website into a mobile interface. It automatically adds a theme that is compatible with mobile interfaces without changing the overall theme of the website.
    WPtouch changes the structure of the content based on the mobile screen. It doesn’t matter whether you use a large screen mobile tablet or a small screen Android device. The plugin changes the content for different screens without hampering the website design.

    Even Google prefers to rank the websites that are integrated with the WPtouch plugin. According to Google, WPtouch based websites possess high mobile search rankings, making the site appear on the top of SERPs.

    Some popular reasons why WPtouch is always a better option are –
    WPtouch is free to use where you can access to one mobile theme for your website.
    The plugin possesses custom features that allow users to choose among several languages, colors, and different elements.
    WPtouch even gives you the flexibility to add or remove pages and manage menus of a mobile site.

    However, it even has a paid version that gives you access to multiple themes, mobile cache options, image insertion, and A/B testing.  
  2. Jetpack: Jetpack usually takes the second position after WPtouch. It is a complex plugin that contributes a lot to increasing website traffic and building brand engagement.

    Some popular functionalities that Jetpack offers include –
    Monitor the incoming traffic
    Control social sharing buttons
    Allows newsletter subscriptions
    Customize user profiles
    Provide grammar suggestion Access to the photo gallery
    Contains a CSS editor

    Jetpack plugin allows the users to create XML sitemaps, allowing Google to crawl the website and rank it higher on the SERPs. The plugin supports custom headers and backgrounds, ensuring that your content and images look great on mobile devices. Unlike other plugins, it even allows the users to hide featured images, show promotion, and adjust blog posts.
  3. WP Mobile Menu: Looking for a great solution? WP Mobile Menu can keep you on track by turning your website mobile-friendly. The plugin not just puts a mobile theme to add a mobile interface for a website. But it also designs the website with beautiful mobile menus with slide-in effect, large icons, menu text, and buttons, just like a mobile website should be.

    Friends, if you already have a mobile-responsive website but want more to do with your menu section, WP Mobile Menu can be the perfect option to rely on. The plugin works with the menu without hampering the structure of the website design.
    The plugin has control over Google Fonts, background images, naked headers, and other configurations. To get access to this, you can simply opt for free or go for the paid version.
  4. AMP Plugin: AMP plugin is a very interesting package that requires very minimal effort to turn a website mobile-friendly. AMP is the abbreviation of Accelerate Mobile Page that refers to the high speed and efficiency of a mobile-based web page.

    AMP plugin offers a responsive theme at free of cost. Adding this theme, it hardly takes time to accelerate the speed of the website, making it compatible with mobile search rankings.

    The premium version of this plugin is packed with multiple features that you can easily access from the WordPress library. You can even buy plenty of extensions and mobile themes at the least possible rate.


WordPress offers plenty of in-built plugins that serve almost every purpose. These include social media plugins, site securing plugins, mobile-friendly plugins, back up data plugins, and many more. WordPress plugins, unlike other plugins, are coded in PHP language, making it easier for the user to install and integrate with a website. Maybe that’s the reason why developers highly prefer this platform for website development.   

Would you like to create a website rich with effective features? Hire a digital agency in Delhi, Mumbai, or other states and build a WordPress website.


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