Top 6 reasons why you should choose homestay over hotels for your next travels


In general terms, a homestay is a place or somebody’s home that has been converted into a hotel. In these kinds of places, the staff members are very much friendlier and the service is much more personalised in comparison to the hotels because they can efficiently afford to cater to the demand of their few numbers of guests in comparison to the hotel that has to take care of hundreds of people at a single point of time. Hence because of the increasing personalisation in the travelling area, the demand for homestay has been constantly on a rise and whenever people are interested to visit the city of Chikmagalur they prefer to go with the option of staying into Chikmagalur homestay

Following are some of the very basic reasons behind the popularity of homestay in comparison to the hotels:

  1. Nobody will know a particular place better than the residents and staying with somebody local to that particular place will always provide the people with the best possible access to the information about an area. People will no longer require hiring guides. Normally the information is very much repeated even on the websites because the sources are very much the same. Hence, staying in a homestay is a good idea because people will be having proper access to the right kind of personalised and localised information which will further allow the people to explore the places perfectly. The homestay owners will be making their business know more about the local area so that they can point out the shortcuts and scenic routes to their guests which will allow them to conveniently explore the places.
  2. The homestay owners will be having proper access to the localised flavour because menus at a homestay will be very much local unless the people want to have something special. The host will always make some of the items on demand for example Maggie or chilli chicken but the people should utilise this particular opportunity and explore the local flavour of that particular place which the people are visiting. India is a very rich culinary heritage and after every five miles, the taste and texture of the dishes change. Hence, the people should depend upon the local flavours so that people can have proper access to the right kind of wishes. Plus the homeowners also come with a higher level of chef skills which ultimately allows the people to have proper access to the right kind of delicious dishes and explore the places perfectly.
  3. The homestay are a very quiet and peaceful option to stay for the people and if anybody is planning to get away from the noise and clutter of the city is then this is a perfect option for that person. These options are very much small and people won’t be able to accommodate more than 10 people which are the main reason that peace and quietness will be easily present and people will be able to spend quality time with their loved ones perfectly. These kinds of properties will also allow the people to have proper access to the remotest of the areas and ensure that infrastructure will be taken complete advantage of. Hence, these kinds of less populated areas will always provide the people with several kinds of advantages in the long run and will ensure that people will be having the best possible experience in the whole process.
  4. Whenever the people will stay at a homestay they will be contributing to the livelihood of that particular local community because this has become a very common source of income in several kinds of places. This is considered to be a good and easy way of learning for that particular host community and during some of the local festivals; the community will always depend upon tourism for their living. Most people also depend upon purchasing the handicraft from local artisans that will further make sure that people will be contributing a very good portion to their livelihood. Hence, depending upon homestay is a great idea so that people can have a highly enriched experience all the time.
  5. Whenever people will live in a homestay they will also have the complete opportunity of building some of the most unexpected friendships because one never knows whom one will encounter on the travels and with whom one will end up staying. The homestay owners are very much talkative people who will further make sure that conversations will become very much entertaining as well as enlightening and one can even get friends for a lifetime.
  6. Another very important reason why people prefer homestay is that it comes with the lower-cost element in comparison to the hotels and approximately these are available at half cost because there won’t be any kind of taxes or several other kinds of things. The food is mostly included in the plan and people will be having proper access to the localised options of food which will be comparatively cheaper. Hence, the money will go longer for a homestay and one can very efficiently enjoy with the help of that particular type of option only. Hence, one can even indulge in different kinds of activities for example trekking or various other options into that particular budget only. Hence staying in a homestay is a great idea on the behalf of people so that they can enjoy all the above-mentioned advantages very well.

 Homestays are also becoming very much popular because of the convenience and comfort element associated with them. The personalisation factor is very much important in the whole process because people will be having a highly enriched experience in the form of informal spaces at homestay. There won’t be any kind of fixed rules for the people and everybody will be very much friendly. For the first time, traveller’s homestay will be a very much convenient option because they will be getting a very homely feel over there. Hence, going with the option of booking the Chikmagalur homestay is a great idea for the people so that they can enjoy their overall trip very easily.


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