Traveling to New York City? Have the Perfect Night-out in NYC

Undoubtedly, New York City looks amazing in daytime – the high energy, smooth subway and pleasant weather. But once the sun sets, you will get to know the real NYC lit with artificial lights – a peaceful bliss to escape in. 

The busy city seems alive after dusk with its blushing avenues, whispering bridges, grumbling bars and roaring clubs. Walk out from your hotel room and take a stroll in the shadowy streets. Everything will seem new and different – it is the way you have never imagined New York City to be. The ambience and vibe is the other side of the city which emerges only at night. 

If you are seeking that peaceful and restive energy in NYC, it is important to know all about night-outs in the spectacular city. We have got you the ideas of a perfect night-out in NYC here. Make your stay worthwhile. If you want to explore New York City, book flights to New York with Indian Eagle travel agency.

Spend a night at the museum

New York City has some of the best museums in the USA and spending a night at one of them is a brilliant thought. If you have been at the museum on Sunday, you will know why we are stressing upon visiting one at night. The crowd comparatively dismisses by the time the sun sets and you get all the time to look through the vulnerable collections or tap-n-twist at the boisterous dance party. Do not forget to peruse the Whitney’s evening exhibition tour, readings and talks. You can also attend the dance parties at Brooklyn’s Museum. 

Go to a microbrewery

Over the years, the craft beer taste of New Yorkers is nothing but getting stronger. One of the best late night NYC activities is indulging in some fun time with live entertainment and delicious snacks at the microbreweries in the city.  Check out the heady IPA at Other Half Brewing in Brooklyn; get a smooth lager at Flagship Brewery in Staten Island or a crisp cider in Bronx Brewery. 

Go literal HIGH

Is there anything better than the sky-high vantage from Gotham, that too in the middle of the night? No. Cliché but true! You get to do this silliest yet exciting thing only in New York City. Rive above the twinkling lights, choking traffic on avenues and perspective of the innumerable people in the city. Be it the Empire State Building Observation Deck, the One World Observatory or the Top of the Rock – waiting in the long queue will bring you happy rewards.  

Soak into nostalgia at the all-night diner

Stuck in a booth, a hot cup of coffee, doodling on a paper with a cherry pie slice on the side – you are amid the nighthawks! Nighttime at the all-night diners can be a fantastic end to your day. It is a well-lighted and clean place and it is here that the city shifts its gears. Get into one of the coolest things to do in NYC at night – head towards Queens and dine at the Georgia Diner, checkout the Brooklyn’s Daisy’s Diner, ride to Manhattan and hit The Waverly Diner, gulp in the delicacies at Colonnade Diner of Staten Island or choose the Pelham Bay Diner at The Bronx over all. 

Catch a show you like

NYC never sleeps. If you are looking for some stellar public performances of jazz singers, a drag show or an open mic, New York is the place. Go for the open mic in East Village, the drag show at Chelsea, Long Island City’s comedy capering, cool jazz performance in Park Slope or those Williamsburg’s indy riffs. Trust us; it is one of the most fantastic things to do in New York at night. No matter what your taste is, you will get everything in NYC – someone is definitely performing your favorite thing in public, go find them amid the darkness of the night. 

Join a Karaoke

Take a break from the dive bar caterwauling – we know you love it but it is always exciting to try out new things at new places. You will find the Korean-style Karaoke happening and purposeful. Karaoke is not a mere activity but a wonderful experience. You can go on all night with enough finances and some lozenges in your bag. Check out the famous spots for the exceptional Karaoke experience such as Chorus Karaoke, Maru Karaoke Lounge and 32 Karaoke. Have some delicious Korean BBQ in between the singing sessions. 

New York City is a destination ought to be in the bucket list of most travelers and if you are looking forward to having a beautiful, peaceful, enthralling and exceptional experience in American city, get closer to the starry sky at night. Ensure you tick all the above listed activities for a perfect night-out in New York.

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