What is a Seedbox and Why Do You Need One

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With the inception of the BitTorrent technology, how we share files with one another has really revolutionized. However, this technology is not really private and everyone in the same swarm can see you and your torrenting activities. 

A top seedbox can help immensely in such cases. With a seedbox used for torrenting, you will never again have to worry about privacy and security. Along with it comes enormous download and upload speeds and huge storage space.

But what exactly is a seedbox and why do you need it? Let’s find out.

What is a Seedbox?

A seedbox is a dedicated cloud-based server specially built for making torrenting activities safe and in the best way possible. It comes with a public IP address and thus you and your torrenting activities are hidden from everyone. You’ll not be using the IP address assigned by your ISP provider to torrent and leave no footprints with your ISP. 

They come with enormous speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps for both downloading and uploading. Also, they come with huge storage space to store all your downloads. Usually, you have to download the content from your seedbox to your PC to access it. But some seedbox providers provide the facility where you can stream your video content directly from your seedbox without downloading it on your PC. 

Why do You Need a Seedbox?

If you are more serious about torrenting, you should go for a seedbox as they come with some amazing benefits.


As mentioned, privacy is a concern for many who download torrents regularly. Chances of getting spotted increase and you can even be fined or worse. A seedbox is a server with a public IP address. You don’t even have to use a BitTorrent client on your PC to use a seedbox. So, there are virtually no chances of someone noticing or tracking your online torrenting activities. 

Maintain Ratio

Seedboxes are great when you are in a private tracker and struggling to maintain your ratio. And this ratio is extremely important to continue as a member or get rewards like faster downloads. This ratio depends on how much you seed or upload files.

However, this is a tough thing to do from a home connection. It eats up your upstream bandwidth plus you always run the risk of getting noticed if you do seed for long.

A seedbox is designed to seed torrents and all you have to do is turn your seedbox open and keep it on. The seedbox will do the rest for you while you enjoy your ratio on the private tracker.


Seedbox is a remote computer running in the cloud and the way you’ll be accessing it will be using web browsers. So, you can access it from any device of your choice. Be it your phone or tablet or laptop, you are free to use it from anywhere. You can just load torrent links from your device to the seedbox, for example, and the seedbox will download it while you use your device for other purposes.

So, with a top seedbox, you get a lot of benefits that make torrenting easier and safer. With all these wonderful benefits of a seedbox, you’ll definitely want to own one. Seedboxes are great if you are more serious about torrenting, but even if you are a casual user, you’ll get the benefits like privacy and super speeds. Seedboxes are not that expensive as well. So, you can always give it a try. You’ll not be disappointed.


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