What is the difference between a high-quality follower and a robot?

Many people don’t realize the huge difference between high-quality followers and robots. No, the only difference is not the quality of the followers. You can distinguish purchased followers on Instagram in many ways. If you understand how to do this correctly, you can successfully increase your Instagram account.

Let’s introduce some of the most basic differences steps by step to look for when buying Instagram followers.

Low-quality followers and robots

When checking the quality of purchased followers, the first thing to do is to check their data. Low-quality followers usually have sloppy profiles with the following characteristics:

  • Randomly generated account name
  • Empty BIOS or BIOS with a suspicious link
  • No profile picture or random images extracted from the Internet
  • Low follower ratio
  • No posts or random posts with low engagement

These are the first clues to look for among the followers of the purchase. You need dynamic and active followers on their accounts.

If the followers you buy look like this, then you must have bought low-quality followers.

Low retention rate

The main knowledge about low-quality followers is their incredible retention rate. Considering they are fake / robot followers, they tend to then fall shortly after they started following you, so you should reduce their followers soon after purchase followers.

When you buy followers from a low-quality provider, after a few days, you may find that they are all gone. Instagram’s terms of service prohibit the manipulation of fake accounts. This is why Instagram’s algorithms are always looking for fake accounts and kick them off the platform. If the algorithm finds a low-quality account, it is likely to delete it.

Risk your reputation

Low-quality followers are not only a waste of money, but they are also risking reputational risk. In essence, buying followers should enhance your social skills and impress your true followers. If your followers see a bunch of new followers who are just fake accounts, will they be impressed? No, they won’t! I found out that they bought fake followers, they will lose respect for you and may make you lose attention. Buy Instagram followers and make your dreams most famous in the world of Instagram comes true.

If you suddenly find that the number of followers has dropped significantly, or your follower list is full of spam looks, your real followers may find that you have purchased followers, and they may make judgments about it. Still not, everyone’s personal information has a bad record…everyone!

Do you think that every one of these 57 thousand followers is a good Christian? I won’t bet, because even the Pope cannot control who follows him on Instagram.

The whole purpose of buying followers is to improve your position on the platform. Why do you want to damage your credibility by buying low-quality followers?

How to identify high-quality followers

Compared with low-quality followers, high-quality people and low-quality followers are different in many ways:

  • Complete profile
  • Well written biography
  • Real avatar
  • Their follower ratio is even
  • They interact with people in a meaningful way

These are the types of accounts you want to follow. They will help strengthen your social skills and promote your natural growth.

This is what a truly active follower on Instagram looks like. Given that there are thousands of providers out there, it is difficult to find a decent provider. Read our reviews of the top Instagram follower’s providers and make informed decisions based on your follower’s needs.

High retention rate

High-quality followers also have a higher retention rate. Once you have purchased high-quality followers, you will be confident because they will not be easily detected. One real sign that vendors provide high-quality followers is that they have survived the removal of fake Instagram accounts in the past. For example, both the audience gain and tweet Angels survived after Instagram clear and is recognized as some of the top industry followers

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