Why You Should Play The Slims D&D Homebrew Races

Today is all about Slimes, Molds, Puddings Sludge Tars, jello shots, Globsters, hungry flesh, hungry fog, immortal icor, ectoplasim, bog scum, blight, Melaze, goos, muck, amoebas,  snot putty, augers, marmalade, gummy bears, mouses, and of course The Grand PUBA of them all, The Gelatinous Cube Today lets talk about Slimes I’m all about playing monsters as characters In any RPG setting and you don’t get much more iconic Dnd than goos Slimes and Jellies. This race name is just similar like other races names Aarakocra names, Goliath names, and Kobold names.

There’s nothing worse than walking around late at night and Stepping on something that goes squish I’M Looking at you Cat So if you’re in the mood to Slam your pseudopod around in the dark And get your giggle on Then you’re in luck, Today we’re going to talk about slime. Throughout the different enemies in the manuals there are a lots of different Slimes to choose from, and much like Using an undead template, Note to self: Make Undead Video There are some pretty messed up things to look at when using the Ooze Traits as your base for a character First off Oozes are equipped with a 60ft blind scenes immunity to gaze and visual illusions mostly. 

Because they don’t have any eyes to poison, Sleep Paralysis, Polymorph, and OH YEAH Stuns, I think the first thing A good adventurer learns about goos and oozes Slimes and Molds is: Don’t go Near them The Second thing they learn is probably OH GOD IT’S MADE OF ACID! Followed by Darkness, and the gentle sound of dice As they make a new characters of races. Did I mention they have immunity to flanking and Sneak attack damage? 

You may be giving yourself some pretty mean handicaps You know like if you want to Wear clothes or boots or use weapons Or… Talk in a normal manner that doesn’t end up sounding like Goblins drowning in Jello. [Breathing Jello Noises] [Disturbing Noises continue] Stat wise, everything that isn’t strength or constitution is a dump stat. This is one of those weird situations where I actually either suggest playing a monster stat block. or doing something really creative with the numbers I’m Thinking like Plus 2 to strength and constitution and a minus 4 (Jeebus that’s a lot) to everything else (Wait what?) This Sounds a little crazy but with good rolls and the right gear you could have a pretty functional dinner party.

I know a negative 4 sounds like a lot (Because it is…) But you really do have a lot going on for you from the Ooze traits In my mind, I’d like to think that after all these years of adventurers throwing their gear, magical items, body parts, and some times friends into these Deadly dinner delights. that one of them must have had some magical item that gave them a plus to their intelligence at the basic level you could just use the monster stat block and just start the game with a plus 2 intelligence item and that would fix you not being able to think it’s not like you’re going to need much of anything else anything that isn’t metal or stone is just going to get dissolved So good luck being a ranger unless you really want a skeletal bear as your familiar Note to Self: Make Skeletal Bear. Beyond that, you’re really set up for Melee Or at tanking. 

You and your DM have to discuss what Slots you have That Actually Sounds worse… Now that I’ve said it Phrasing And what I mean is your body basically counts as Bag space more than having equipment slots you Possess a natural attack of a D6 with a D6 of your elemental Damage Based on what Goo you are You’ll have to talk to your DM about whether or not you Grappling someone counts an engulfing attack I would say it should that would just be another d6 of damage on each round, which could be awesome or you could level that as you level up. Did I mention that if you use the black pudding as your Basis of the Jello Salad of a character. 

You basically become Venom Seriously he devours everything he touches he has spider climb and can split into smaller versions of himself “I’m Gonna name you Carnage” [As Carnage] “you’re not my real dad” And I know this sounds insane but, DO IT, Make Venom You cant wear armor but Who cares? you split, YOU SPLIT. and you both have half of your hp. You can just reconstitute at the end of a long rest and just stay away from fire and you know, Topher Grace So my favorite thing about this is trying to pass in the human work with your crappy stats and your Fleshy bits You have to get really creative with your world interactions I’ve got a plan of saving the bones of those you’ve devoured and using them to make a human-shaped Lattes Structure Vehicle, skeleton, Puppet. 

I wonder if that counts as necromancy Dm about using your armor and bones for making a body its a really dark character build but I think it has a lot of fun crazy potential. I know there have been some discussions online and there are some 3rd party options out there right now with a lot of variants to use oozes as a base race worst case you could live in a glass bottle and hire a kobold To carry you around and throw you at your enemies You were gone too soon Spurt! But there will always be another kobold and if you’re really in dire straits you could always hang out behind the group and let them throw all their misc.

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