Write for us

The Orzare Blog welcomes posts submitted by designers , developers and writers searching for opportunities to publish. Through the years our user base has grown and a recognition for being a trustworthy source of information in the industry. We are open to opportunities if you choose to write a single post or whether you wish to support us frequently in publishing.

But, to write news, games, movies requires time. We’ll be honest. We want your service at its best and we’re trying to push you there. When you are approved, our team will provide you with detailed input and you will work closely with a revising editor.

It’s fun, too. You ‘re going to read your work to thousands of people (and potential employers, customers or publishers) and you’re going to learn a lot about expressing your thinking, writing and even the subject you thought you understood so well when you began.

What we’re looking for

You may apply a rough plan, a part fee or a short phrase (a paragraph or two that summarizes your point and why it’s relevant for our readers). The more you email a submission, the more we can provide you with reviews. Please bear in mind that we only approve new content, and we publish nothing else (such as your blog) that was written.

Don’t send us irrelevant content that make us sad

Before you send, check out our Style Guide and recent papers to see how your piece is organized and formatted.

  • Has a topic and a straightforward discussion – not just a compilation of tips and advice.
  • You’ve got a voice. Be brave, interesting, human.
  • Is written for a public of writers, creators, web strategists, architects of knowledge or the like.
  • Not all views are backed by convincing claims. Check the evidence and, if necessary, quote sources.
  • Check out our guide to style.

See “Writing is feeling” for a few wise advice on the process of writing. You also should verify “So you want an article to start writing? “We see that in inputs and how you can stop them and know about drawbacks.

What we actually publish

In accordance with subject specificity we publish papers between 600 and 2,500 words everywhere. It’s a total of 1,500 characters. Items often operate on a custom image. Articles can be sometimes organized and edited, in tone and language – suitable for less intensive tutorials and updates. All the issues in the project management area should be thoroughly discussed and up-to-date.

Submission Process

Please email us your submission. We recommend submissions as Google documents to allow publishers directly inside your draft to provide input and guidance. A plaintext file, a Markdown file, or a link to an HTML document can be sent to us too. (Please submit no ZIP asset file unless an editor asks.) 

Please feel free to contact us if you have an article you want to send. And please contact us with your suggestions if you want to explore potential topics before writing the message. We also publish our readers free tools (such as news, games, business strategies, themes, textures, icons, etc.) in addition to articles and tutorials. Please let us know if you have a service to share with our followers.