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Selling Sunset Season scaled 1
Selling Sunset Season scaled 1

As you already know, Selling Sunset has been renewed for the third season, as the time comes for another series. Finally, the Oppenheim Group is back and they want to see you join it.

Release Date of Selling Sunset Season 3

Selling Sunset Season 3 was being confirmed by Netflix on the late summer ‘s screens for streaming giants. Ultimately, 7 August 2020 is the final premiere date.

Selling Sunset Season 3 trailer

Who’s going to be on Selling Sunset Season 3 cast list?The show’s leaders are Jason Jackson (Chairman, founder, and managing director) and Brett Oppenheim (senior vice-chairman) from Oppenheim Group founders, owners, and managers. The exhibition will also include various female dealing companies, including Chrishell Stause, Maya Vander, Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Young, Davina Potratz, Romain Bonnet, and Almanza Smith.

What’s going to be Selling Sunset Season 3 plotline?

‘Selling Sunset’ is a real-life case following in the aftermath of the turmoil in the popular Oppenheim Group, where elite immobilizers grind away to give elite buyers luxury properties. The real drama starts when a new organization joins the veterans’ team and introduces it as a challenge and the community wishes it to prove itself before its complete acceptance. “The top method exhibits brokers of The Oppenheim Community are back and the ladies deal with more mansions, chilling novelties, and volatile truths to change their lives, their connections, and their careers eternally,” says the official description of the Netflix series.

Selling Sunset Season 3 show

Where to watch

‘Selling Sunset’ Season 3 will be available for streaming on Netflix like its two previous installments.

Trailer Update

The new season trailer has yet to be released. Yet in the preliminary to the next season at the close of the last episode, a teary-eyed Stause heard Mary Fitzgerald and her friend say, “I am in shock with it all.”


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