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Online education allows you to master a new profession or improve specific skills without leaving your home. A team of professionals is working to ensure that students receive a high-quality education in their profile. You need to think over a program, record and edit video tutorials, create exciting tasks. The course should be not only helpful but also interesting and understandable. The teacher helps students and provides support in case of difficulties with understanding the topic.  

Online teachers: What do they do?

An online teacher is a specialist who teaches different disciplines within the bounds of video courses on the Internet. The main difference between the usual teacher and online teacher is that you can listen to him and in any place. Video lectures are often in a recorded format; therefore, they allow students to view the material conveniently. The online course instructor/teacher has the following job responsibilities:

  • checking homework online
  • collecting feedback from course participants
  • creation of interactive materials
  • defining the goals of classes
  • development of a training program
  • drawing up assignments and tests in their subject area
  • introduction of ideas for optimization and improvement of the educational process
  • recording of video lectures
  • to motivate students, taking into account their characteristics.

Working as an online teacher requires excellent knowledge of your professional field and explaining the material clearly.

What should an online teacher know and be able to do?

An online course teacher has the following professional skills:

  • can assess the effectiveness of training
  • can correct students’ homework mistakes so that the students understand all the mistakes and can improve
  • can competently convey the material according to his profile
  • can give information in an exciting and at the same time useful form
  • know how to record lessons, webinars and to be not afraid to speak to the public
  • know modern online teaching tools.

Personal qualities

An online mentor has the following personal characteristics:

  • attention to small details
  • diplomacy
  • discipline
  • hard work
  • patience
  • perseverance
  • politeness.

In addition to everything, the teacher works with a team of course authors, video editors, designers, etc. He must be friendly and able to work as a team player.

Pros and cons of the profession


  • being in demand
  • interesting, creative activity
  • working with an exciting team
  • intellectual development.


  • sedentary work
  • sometimes stressful activity
  • professional burnout.

How to become an online teacher?

To teach something to other people, you need to understand it perfectly. If you have great experience in programming, design, foreign languages, or copywriting, it’s time to share it with those who wish to develop in a similar direction.

The best way to start a career as an online teacher is by enrolling in an online course for teachers. Experienced professionals will tell you about all the features of this job, share interesting things, and answer your questions.

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