4 tips for new moms looking for baby coats


As a new mom, there are a million things on your mind at all times. You are worried about when to feed your child, how to get them to have a restful night of sleep, and how to avoid any new-mom mistakes! However, keep in mind you’re not alone – many women were new moms at one point, and making mistakes is normal. However, to keep your child safe, protected, and in good health, choosing the appropriate clothing and outfits is key.

If you’re fortunate enough to afford your child’s baby clothes, then you need to take the time and effort to look into the must-have options for all seasons. In the summer, you need to make sure your children’s feet are protected with appropriate sandals or flip-flops. In the springtime, look for a light jacket to avoid your child from getting cold on a windy day. In the winter weather, looking for a baby coat is essential to keep your children warm while you are outside walking around. 

But what if you don’t know where to start? What if you live in the northeastern part of the United States and you are worried about the heavy snow that falls in winter? Don’t worry – we have you covered. Let’s check out a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for baby coats.

4 tips for purchasing baby coats as a new mom!

Don’t pick a coat for your baby to grow into!

One of the most important tips for new moms’ toys is to choose a coat that fits your baby right NOW! Avoid getting clothes that are too big for your child – this only means the clothes will not properly fit them, they can be uncomfortable, and they might not provide ample warmth for your child’s body size. If you buy a jacket that is meant for a 2-year-old – and your child is only 5 months old – the jacket will be too big to provide proper insulation and warmth during cold days.

Layer, layer, layer!

We all remember growing up and having our mom scold us for not wearing enough layers in the middle of winter! The same goes for your baby – make you dress them in plenty of layers to avoid sudden gusts of wind and snow from causing a chill. The main rule of thumb says babies should always have one more layer than adults. Think about it – you are moving around and able to heat up your body with physical activity – however, babies are sedentary and typically sitting in a stroller or being carried by another person. Because of this, adding another layer is key to keeping your child warm in all weather situations.

Start with thin layers

When you are looking for baby coats for your child during cold days, start with thin layers and work your way up to thick layers. Start with a tighter undershirt, sweater, light jacket, and then the heavy baby coat – this way, your baby will be plenty warm and comfortable!

Accessories are essential

The last thing to keep in mind when dressing your infant during cold winter days is to accessorize. Just like with style, accessories are key – the same goes for functionality. You should always find a baby hat, mittens, heavy-duty boots, and heavy socks to keep your baby warm no matter the weather. 


Are you shopping for bay coats? Keep these tips in mind as a new mom! This way, you can avoid any concerns about keeping your child warm during the coldest days of the year! 


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