4 unique ideas for engraved plaques for college grads


If your loved one from Ireland has recently graduated from college or university, this is a big deal. It doesn’t matter if it was a 2-year degree or a 4-year degree- the act of persevering through hard times, getting a degree, and moving on into the real world is a huge step in any person’s life. By celebrating this achievement, you can make your friend or loved one feel honored and respected. After all, they have spent the last few years of their life studying, trying to pass their classes, and taking hard exams.

The same goes for people who have taken a longer time to pass school – may they take a break during their college career or they are going for a Master’s degree. In this case, they may have spent even 8-10 years of their life in school. If you find that the person has finally graduated after a long and youth battle with the education system, then they may feel relieved, happy, and excited about what is next in their life. Share this excitement with them by giving them the perfect gift to commemorate this special occasion.

But what should you give them? Visit this site to get a few unique ideas that you can give a recent college grad that they are sure to remember for years – you can give them a college-centric gift that they will remember and appreciate for the rest of their life. Let’s check out a few reasons that you should give engraved plaques to a new college graduate.

4 ideas of engraved plaques to give a recent college grad – congrats grad

The graduation year

One of the best ideas when it comes to creating unique engraved plaques for college graduates is putting the year of guardian. Did the person finally graduate college in the year 2021? If so, create a plaque that has the year on it – you can add the beginning year too. This shows how long they were in school and the span of their life that was dedicated to education. 

The major/degree

The next thing that you can add on engraved plaques for recent graduates is the type of degree they earned. Did they earn a Bachelor’s of Science? Did they earn an Associate’s degree? Did they earn a master’s degree in psychology? It doesn’t matter what they earned, but adding this information to the plaque will show them that you are paying attention and you are proud of their accomplishment.

Picture of graduation

The next high to add to engraved plaques for college graduates is a picture of them during graduation. You can add a picture of them in their cap and gown for a great remembrance of the special day.

Name of the school

The last thing to add to engraved plaques for college is the name of the university or educational institution – this way, they will remember their school forever. 


If you are trying to think of the best ideas for engraved plaques for a college graduate, then consider using these ideas to give them a gift they will remember for the rest of their life – after all, this is a huge accomplishment. 


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