5 Best America’s Best Eyeglasses Podcasts of 2021

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Eyeglasses are a big business in America, with over $10 billion dollars spent on frames alone in 2020. But how do you find the best eyeglasses for your needs? The internet is full of reviews and rankings, but who has time to sort through all that information? That’s why we put together this list of the 5 Best Americas Best Eyeglasses Podcasts of 2021. Each podcast offers something different from style advice to tips for selecting good glasses online. We hope these podcasts help you find better eyewear faster!

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– The Glasses Guide Podcast: With over 100 episodes, this podcast is a great way to find new styles. Listeners can also access the show notes and links for each episode on their website. Topics include how much glasses cost, eye exams vs glasses prescriptions, and what type of lenses you should get.

– Eyewear Review Podcast: This podcast has been around since 2012 with podcasts about eyeglasses every Tuesday evening at 11 pm EST in America’s Eastern Timezone. Past topics have ranged from reviews of specific brands to information about social media trends and celebrities wearing sunglasses or reading messages while they drive (yes, that actually happened).

– EyeGlasses Blogcast by Dr. Franklyn Sorensen: A series of podcasts from an optometrist with over 35 years experience. Dr. Franklyn and his guests discuss topics such as the different types of lenses, eyeglass frames, lens coatings, eye health benefits (for example preventing dry eyes or macular degeneration) and new trends in glasses design.


– The Eyewear News Podcast: This podcast offers a roundup of all that is happening in the world of eyewear–from designer collaborations to fashion week coverage to what might be coming up at this year’s IECE conference for professionals working in optics and related fields across Europe.

– Eye Talk Radio: A show where experts get together to talk about anything on your mind! This includes everything like getting contacts and wearing glasses for the first time, to what type of glasses you should wear based on your face shape or whether a prescription is even necessary.

– The Eyeglass Junkie: A podcast hosted by Allison and she invites eyewear industry experts in to discuss all things eye health related–from the latest cutting edge research topics like coloboma, myopia and astigmatism, to why wearing glasses can actually make you feel more attractive!

– Eyes & Ears Weekly: This weekly broadcast talks about everything from fashionable eyecare tips that are perfect for any budget (ranging from how many pairs of sunglasses to buy this season), new fashion trends with frames + lenses as well as interviews with our favorite celebrities such as Kendall Jenner who shares her favorite eye glasses and how she wears them.

– Eye Health Resources Podcast: This weekly broadcast has a variety of segments with informative topics such as understanding your vision based on your age or learning about some new ways that technology is changing our lives for the better. They also have occasional guest interviews from companies like Warby Parker which was founded ten years ago this year.”

“The Future of Frames & Lenses Panel – Bringing Vision Care to All: The Future of Frames and Lenses Panel.”

“What’s in your wallet?” This podcast series is about the economics behind buying eyeglasses, including information on how a company like LensCrafters will buy frames from manufacturers at wholesale prices. They also have interviews with people who are experts in the industry, such as Dr. Daniel Morganstein who shares his insights into all things eyes (like why it’s important for us to wear sunglasses).


– Eyewear News Weekly Podcast: These podcasts provide news coverage that you may not be able to find elsewhere. Subjects range from topics like how new materials are changing our glasses or the newest technological advancements, but they also cover events happening around New York City area.”


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