5 creative strategies to promote your webinar on social media:

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A webinar is an online event that is hosted by a company and broadcast to a group of individuals via the Internet. Webinars are a great content format for educating and engaging your audience, and their popularity is bound to increase. The other names for a webinar are- “webcast”, “online event” or “web seminar”.

It’s not enough to just create webinars. You can not expect people to sign up and attend your webinar. You should also make an effort to promote your webinar. And the best way or platform to promote your webinar is via Social media. 

If you use the right social media graphics to promote webinars it can provide you an impressive attendance, besides reaching hundreds of thousands of potential attendees.

Five effective tips for promoting your webinar on social media-

1. Use visual content for webinar promotion

If you want to promote your webinar on social media, you should use visual content. As per Social Media Examiner, visual images were the most important form of content for marketers, while videos came in third.

If you are just going to use social media to promote your webinar, you should prepare visual content to go along with it. Rather than just sharing a link or posting about the webinar in a text post. Visual content can attract your audience more effectively.

And there’s no better way to look for images than by using an online poster maker to create your own images in no time. Use these posters and flyers to spread the word and offer details about the webinar. You also can make teaser videos that clearly describe the purpose of your webinar. 

For example, ClickMeeting made a teaser video to promote their webinar with Jamie Turner, (CEO of 60 Second Marketer), as part of their series of influencer-hosted webinars. In that video, Jamie talked about what he would be covering in the webinar, and motivated people to register. The teaser video got over 2,000 views from one tweet alone.

2. Create a webinar landing page

On social media, when people click on your webinar link, they are taken to a landing page specially designed for the webinar. This can be your first step before you start promoting your webinar. In addition to having all of the information of the webinar, your landing page should also have a form to gather basic contact information like an email address and name. But remember, you should avoid collecting so much information, as you can end up frustrating people.

You can optimize your landing page by embedding a teaser video to promote your webinar on social media. Video can be a great way to describe the goal and advantages of your webinar without boring your audience. For people who are not interested in reading through blocks of text to know the information of your webinar. Your video will provide them with all the necessary information. Adding a video to your landing page can drive more growth for your webinar.

For example- In one test, there was a 31.97% higher growth rate when a video was added to a landing page. And in another test, it was an 86%  higher rate of growth after adding a video to a landing page. You can learn properly how Workfront embedded a video into their webinar registration page. This will help you in promoting your webinar on social media.

3. Add a clear call-to-action

It’s not at all enough just to tell people about your webinar. You should also explain to them what’s their next step after watching your content. This means you should give a clear call-to-action (CTA) like- a contact number and other details to describe the next step of the process. 

Your call-to-action should be in the form of text in your caption and your webinar promotional pictures. Additionally, you can include the webinar host to include a verbal call-to-action in your teaser video.

4. Optimize Your Landing Page for Sharing

Besides optimizing your landing page content and adding a teaser video, you can also optimize it for sharing. If you want to promote your webinar mainly through social media, you should get help from the people who are already interested in attending the webinar to promote it for you. This means you should get them to share your webinar on social media and direct their network to your landing page.

Adding social sharing buttons on your webinar landing page is so easy, simple, and effective way to accomplish this. These buttons can significantly impact the actions of people who visit your website. The same thing can work for your webinar landing page too.

When people finish registering for your webinar, you can encourage them to share the news of the webinar with their followers on social media. That’s how you can get a good chance to attract more potential attendees within their networks and increase your registration rate.

You can include clear CTAs, and attractive visual content. Beneath the CTA button, you can also include the social sharing buttons which make it easier to promote your webinar instantly on social media.

5. Run Ads

As per the final step, you can enhance the impact of your webinar promotion efforts by running social media ads. Although, if you are going to make the most out of these advertisements, you should carefully design them first with impressive and beautiful visuals. And yes, you will have to target the most relevant people for these social media ads.

For example- Major impact media used Facebook ads to promote a webinar for one of their clients. Within just 9 months, they managed to scale webinar registrations from 0 to 49,000. After generating revenue of $153,945, each registration cost stood at $2.22, and their overall Return on investment on customer acquisition was 42.5%.

So, you can follow all these above-mentioned tips or strategies to promote your webinar on social media platforms so easily. And to have a powerful webinar, you should narrow it down to a specific topic that will be informative to your audience.

Conclusion paragraph: 

Social media is the best way to promote your webinar. You can use different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to create awareness about your upcoming webinars. You can also use these platforms to generate leads for your webinars. And finally, you can also use these platforms to increase attendance at your webinars.


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