5 Myths About Brain Debunked


You are what you are because of your brain. The brain is undoubtedly the power organ of your body. What you think and do depends entirely on the swift working of your brain. 

According to the best neurosurgeon in Lahore, the brain is responsible for the proper functioning of your body. The most important yet most easily misunderstood organ of our body is the brain. Let us shed light on some of the most surprising facts about the brain that are the talk of the town. 

Myths and facts about the Brain

Given below are some of the most common myths that have been circulating around for quite some time. 

1. We Tend to Use Only 10% of Our Brain

Hands down one of the most popular myths out there is this one. You might also have heard that we only use a specific part of our brain. This statement is somewhat half and needs more research. 

One such research claims that this is due to the fact that we do not use most of our brain and that is because of the fact that we do not get the required environment to polish our skills. Everyone wants to learn different languages, learn to cook a thousand different types of dishes. But they are unable to do so. This is not because they lack willpower. This is mainly due to the fact that they just do not have the right tools and environment to do so. 

So it is not about what your brain can and cannot do. It is more about the fact that how many opportunities you present to it. 

2. Brain Damage is not Always Permanent

Most of the time people think that damage to their brain is for the long run. This is not the usual case. The type of damage that your brain suffers is directly proportional to the type of injury. The injury can be due to any incidence and thus can result in a number of issues.

From the loss of cognitive abilities to the issue of complete impairment the issues can be many and diverse but the effect and the damage do not always have to be permanent. 

The situation can be better understood with the following explanation. A blow to the head can not result in such a devastating issue but a stroke can be quite fatal and permanent. 

3. People are not Always Right or Left-Brained

You might have heard someone describing themselves as that they are either right-brained or left-brained. This is because of the popular belief that people are either dominated by their left side of the brain or their right side. 

This further gives rise to the notion that people who are right-brained are often more creative and people who are left-brained are more logical or analytical. 

But the reality is a bit different. You will work well when you use both sides of your brain. 

4. We Do not Just have Five Senses

Yes, contrary to the centuries-old documentation. Senses are not confined to just number five. Apart from sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing. You thrive in this world with the help of several other senses. 

We also make use of several other senses such as the sense of balancing that comes with the inner ear. 

On the use of senses to make your way in the world humans are still lagging. Because of various other species such as dolphins. Dolphins use the sense of sonar to locate their prey.

So get over the fact that you only have five senses because the human body is so much more than that.

5. After 40 Your Brain is Half Dead 

This statement is true in some regards but not in every case. Your body’s ability and especially your brain health is often affected but it does not mean that you are unable to process at the same pace at which you were organizing your thoughts when you were younger. 

Age does have an effect on your cognitive ability but it does not mean that you are ineffective after a certain age. You are still able to function but remember that youth does have its own perks. 

The Final Remarks 

The brain is a fascinating organ that can store millions of information and can work a thousand times faster than any computer. But it is wrong for you to assume so many things that are the word of the street.  

Thus when it comes to the services of your brain make sure to trust the right information and refrain from rumors.


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