A Homeowners Guide To Maintaining Your Pacific Northwest House


Winter is particularly unkind to homes in the Pacific Northwest, as it brings many problems. Once homeowners fail to keep an eye on their property, they incur huge losses conducting numerous repairs that sometimes leave the integrity of their properties questionable. Therefore, when looking for homes for sale in Battle Ground WA or inspecting your home, it is advisable to conduct basic maintenance checks to ensure the property is in good shape. 

Here are 4 checks you should have on your checklist. 

1. Gutter Check

It is always advisable to ensure that gutters are clean when looking for homes for sale Battle Ground WA. You can do the cleaning yourself or contact a cleaning company, as keeping the gutter clean ensures water can flow quickly away from your home. Remove debris and flush it thoroughly with adequate water, as clogged gutters can affect your roof or foundation. 

Check if your gutters have any damage and call a gutter repair company to have them fixed before the rainy season.

2. Roof Check

Wind, snow, and rain can cause severe damage to your roof. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct regular roof checks to look for any cracked, loose, or missing shingles. Remove any debris on your roof and check for moss growth. 

If you have a flat roof, keeping an eye on it is essential, as it develops sagging spots quickly that lead to leaks and molds. Talk to your roofing technician and install a waterproof to prevent such cases. 

3. Foundation Line Check

Check if any cracks in your foundation exist, as they can cause moisture to enter the interior and cause molds and leaks. If the cracks are small, fill them with caulks or call a service company if they are significant for professional sealing. If debris has begun growing around the edges of your house, remove them to ensure they do not keep moisture around the foundation. Also, ensure the puddles are open to prevent water from moving toward the foundation. 

4. Paint And Siding Check

Your home’s paint and siding offer an appealing look and act as a protective layer from the elements. They help prevent molding and rotting; hence, taking care of them is vital. If the paint is peeling or damaged, clean and paint the area when the weather is warm for quick and good results. 

 If you do not have any paint left, go to the paint store with a minor peeling and get the exact color. If the peeling is severe, contact a painting company. And if you notice termites on your siding, call the services of a pest control company and get rid of them before they cause severe damage. 

Inspection Checklist That Can Save You Money

When looking for homes for sale in Battle Ground WA, it’s vital to inspect it to ensure every corner is in perfect condition and conduct repairs if there are any damages. Checking the gutter, roof, foundation, paint, and siding guarantees the house is in good shape and saves you money associated with costly repairs.


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