Are Azure Certifications Worth the Investment?


According to Oracle’s Cloud Predictions, more than 80% of companies will move their workload to the cloud infrastructure by 2025. The most significant and the basic feature offered by cloud computing is that the organizations can store as well as access their data from anywhere on the cloud platform through the internet.

There are various cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud. Among all the providers, 29% of the total application workload in the entire cloud market is stored on the Microsoft Azure platform. 

To build a successful career in the cloud computing domain, all the cloud service providers offer certifications. Among all the others, Azure is the only one that offers role-based Azure certifications that are designed particularly for different job roles and requirements of the market. This has increased the demand for Azure certified professionals for managing the cloud infrastructures and developing cloud applications.

Is it worth opting for Azure certification?

Azure certification increases the chances of any professional to get hired in a company as the Microsoft Azure certification would portray the skills of a professional. With the exponential increase in demand for certifications, there has been a huge increase in the job opportunities for Azure certified professionals in the market. 

5 Reasons Why Azure Certification is worth it

  1. Well-Structured Learning

With the structured learning approach of Microsoft Azure certifications, it becomes pretty easy to learn the usage of different tools. The candidates would be able to find several tools like Eclipse, GitHub, Hadoop, etc. that are pretty easy to learn and get adapted with. This will make it easy for the candidates to learn and adapt to the Azure platform.

With a concise and faster learning process, the candidates would be able to improve their knowledge with the Azure certification training. There are plenty of tutorials, courses, and e-books available on the internet to learn the theoretical as well as the practical concepts of Azure services with ease. The Azure certification cost for the fundamental level examination is Rs. 3700 in India. 

  1. Flexible Career Path

If you are pursuing a career in the cloud computing domain, then it is essential for you to take up Microsoft Azure certification. You can get credible job roles like DevOps engineer, solutions architect, AI engineer, security engineer, data engineer, and administrator with the help of Azure certification. 

Most of the businesses are completely shifting their workloads from the traditional infrastructure to the cloud infrastructure. When you have completed the Azure certification training, you will be developing, managing, and implementing various cloud services in different industries like insurance, healthcare, banking, or finance. The career path of an Azure certified professional is highly versatile and flexible.

  1. Handsome Salary Packages

The most significant reason that one would consider for getting Azure certified is the handsome salary package and the recognition that one gains in the industry. Microsoft Azure certifications will portray your skills in your company and that would gain you recognition in front of your colleagues. As the demand for Azure certified professionals is pretty high in the market, you can earn high salary packages in the IT industry.

The average salary of an Azure Developer is Rs. 500,000 in India, while the same for an Azure Architect is Rs. 17,50,000 in India. The salary packages vary as per the role and the organization you are working in. Once you move up the ladder, you will consistently get high salary packages if you are an Azure certified professional.

  1. Important Asset for the Company

With the help of your expertise in Azure services, you can enhance the growth of your company, which ultimately makes you a vital asset for the company. You can reduce the IT costs of the organization and also avoid them from bearing several other additional costs with your pay-as-you-go feature.

Small and medium-sized businesses are very well benefited with the cloud services offered by Azure as they can completely host their infrastructure on the cloud platform at affordable prices. 

  1. Consistent Career Development

Microsoft Azure is in the list of top cloud service providers and it also offers role-based certifications as per the market requirements. With the help of Azure certifications, you can ensure consistent career development as well as recognition in the market. The demand for Microsoft Azure certified professionals is continuously increasing in the market as more number of companies are adopting Azure cloud services.

There are plenty of tracks offered by Azure certifications in the market like security engineer, developer, architect, data engineer, and administrator. This enables you to become a leading cloud professional in the cloud computing industry. 

If you are confused whether it is a good option to opt for Microsoft Azure certifications or not, then you must go through the above-mentioned points clearly. These points will clear the worth of these certifications in your mind and tell you how much helpful they are for building your career in the cloud computing industry.


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