Can Brick Fireplaces Get A Modern Facelift


It can be challenging as the years pass to keep up as trends come and go and decor becomes outdated when you buy a home. That’s especially true when the design changes are architectural, meaning you either need to become involved in a heavy remodel or consider cosmetic alternatives. 

In most cases, adding some paint, tile, or other elements can do wonders if renovations are outside the budget. For instance, brick fireplaces are among the most debated aspects in the household as to whether these are on-trend or a no-go. 

Still, homeowners can breathe new life with just a little elbow grease if the fireplace is a source of concern.

You want to present your home in its best possible light, making guests feel welcome and invited to your space. Fireplaces are usually the staple of the living area. 

If you find it an outdated brick focal point, you might not be as confident having friends gather in the room. Instead of hiding out, let’s look at ways to make some changes.

Can Brick Fireplaces Get A Modern Facelift

A fireplace is an amenity most people hope for when searching for a home. You can contend with the material down the road with either a renovation or cosmetic trickery, whatever the budget will allow. 

While brick is timeless, trends and times change from one decade to the next, even as quickly as the following year. The pressure is on the homeowner to remain current with their aesthetic. 

While no one would anticipate renovations or remodels each time the world modernizes, there are ways to use cosmetics to keep things on a neutral plain so you’ll fit in regardless of what’s happening on the market. How can you update your red brick fireplace if it’s become an eyesore or dinosaur? Let’s learn.

. Whitewashing techniques

The red brick fireplace was a welcome sight in many homes decades ago since it signified warmth and offered a vibrant backdrop to the fire. Many people now find it too harsh for an interior living space. A suggestion is to tone the red down by using a technique referenced as whitewashing.

With this methodology, the brick will fade into an almost gray hue. It becomes neutral and more in standing with a modern ideology where all the elements flow with the overall palette. Learn how to clean the brick before attempting any technique at

. Change the color

If the red is a sore spot and whitewashing is not a strong enough effect for you, consider either staining the brick or painting an entirely different color. When selecting shades for the space, the suggestion is to stick with neutrals, especially since this is a focal point in the room.

Grays, whites, or other neutral colors will allow the change to withstand many trends for years to come without making another change. Neutral is timeless, with the ability to dress up around the fireplace and on the mantel with accessories, art, and other decor to add vibrancy and personality to the area.

. The fireplace gates

Usually, the metal gates that stand guard in front of the fire are the elements that present the most outdated part of the fireplace. These are traditionally where everyone’s attention focuses as they look at the feature as a whole. The ideal way to “fix” this problem is to replace them.

A suggestion is to invest in more modern glass fireplace doors. The more simplistic these are, the more timeless and longer they’ll remain relevant. When looking at the fire, the doors won’t obstruct anyone’s vision, and the entire fireplace will feel more up to date.

. Put a topper on it

Many times, fireplaces sit like a hole in the wall with no character. If you want your brick fireplace to make a statement, add architecture. You can first add the color or finish that will make it neutral to the space but then create interest. Is there a mantle? What’s on either side?

Adding a heavy, opulent mantle can make the fireplace the focal point you need it to be. It will allow you to place accessories or paintings, perhaps an oversized model ship, and be super creative. 

And then, on either side of the fireplace, you can consider installing open shelving conducive to your needs. Visit here for details on how you can cover a brick fireplace.

Final Thought

Updating doesn’t necessarily have to mean demo or remodeling. You can get on trend with mere cosmetic talent. Online there are loads of tutorials on some of the techniques mentioned here, plus numerous other methods you can use to give your red brick fireplace a facelift. 

No one wants to tear down a brick fireplace. These are timeless, durable, and really beautiful staples in many homes. It’s just a matter of working with the material you have to create the modern focal point you want.


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