Chloe Grace Moretz Bio, Age, Height, Career, Boyfriends, Net Worth

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Marvelous Chloe Grace Moretz is someone we can’t seem to get our eyes off. Similarly, having entertained us in so many good movies, films, and TV shows, we just can seem to get enough of her.

Today, Moretz is the talk of the town. However, she has had a long journey to the top and has worked hard since her childhood days to become the star she is. 

Despite still being a charming and youthful girl, her work in front of the cameras defies her youthful age. Because of this, Moretz has also picked up many awards and accolades along the way. 

Let’s find out all the details and info about gorgeous Chloe. We got all the details, including her early life, net worth, boyfriends, age, height, personal life, etc.

Early Life

Chloe is a Georgian and was born in the famous city of Atlanta in Georgia. She mostly grew up in Cartersville in the Barrow County of Georgia.

Chloe Grace was born to mother Teri Duke and father McCoy Moretz. Her dad is a plastic surgeon and is also the heir to the Moretz hosiery. 

In fact, Chloe seems to be from a very well-off family and Moretz hosiery was even sold for $350 million in 2011. Similarly, her mom Teri is a nurse practitioner.

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She also has four older siblings and all of whom are brothers. They go by the names Brandon, Colin, Trevor, and Ethan. Along with her mum and brother Trevor, Chloe moved to New York in 2002.

The reason behind the relocation was Trevor’s acceptance in the Professional Performing Art School. This was actually Chloe got into acting and soon even fell in love with the art.

Growing up, she would often help Trevor to read lines and practice his acting. In addition, Moretz has also described her upbringing as being very ‘Christian’. 

Chloe Grace Moretz Age and Height

Beautiful Chloe was born in the February 10th of 1997. Moretz is still a young lady who is just 23 years of age. Therefore, we can be sure that Moretz is going to entertain us for a lot of years ahead.

Speaking of her looks, you might not have seen anyone more elegant and stunning than Chloe. Along with an out worldly beauty and physique that leaves the boys with their jaws hanging, Moretz also stands at a pretty 1.63 inches.

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Chloe Grace Moretz Boyfriend 

Well, Chloe’s previous relationship with Brooklyn Beckham surely was very public. Many people might have even first come to know her when she was dating Brooklyn.

Similarly, Moretz and Beckham’s whirlwind romance lasted for four years. In addition, they were constantly on-off throughout that period. However they finally put a halt to it in 2018.

Chloe herself has said that it was a difficult time in her life and she didn’t like that everything about that, from their relation to breakup, was so public.

At present, Moretz has found a new romantic flame in her life. She is dating Kate Harrison. Kate is a model and has worked with many top companies including Playboy.

They aren’t very public about their romance but paparazzi’s often get the pictures of them hanging together, and it makes the papers and magazines.

Personal Life

This stylish chick has also been a part of many fashion projects. In addition, Chloe has featured in magazine covers and features for top brands like Elle, Marie Claire, and Vogue. She is also spotted attending fashion shows from time to time.

This youthful, bold and charismatic actress also seems to have modern views. Chloe is a big supporter of the LGBT movement. She has even voiced her support for it in the past.

Like so many strong and influential women today, Moretz is also a feminist. Similarly, she is also someone who has Democratic political views. 

Chloe has even voiced her support for democratic candidates like Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton. She has also been seen attending democratic events and has even shared pictures with Clinton and Sanders.

Above all, Chloe seems to be a girl who has been raised right. Similarly, it looks like Moretz is really close with her family. Her brother Trevor is her acting coach while Brandon acts as her business manager.

Chloe Grace Moretz Net Worth

Young, successful and vibrant Chloe’s net worth is estimated to be a whopping $12 million already. In addition, these numbers are only going to rise as continues her great work.


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