Exploring the TVS Ronin 225 Motorcycle: What to Expect



TVS Motor Company, an Indian multinational motorcycle company, has recently unveiled its latest addition to the retro-modern category – the TVS Ronin 225. With a blend of heritage styling and modern technology, the Ronin 225 promises to deliver a unique riding experience for enthusiasts. In this comprehensive guide, we will take a deep dive into what sets the TVS Ronin 225 apart, its key features, performance statistics, and everything you need to know about this exciting new motorcycle.

Heritage Design

The TVS Ronin 225 draws inspiration from the classic cafe racer design of the 1960s, with a sleek and minimalist approach that exudes timeless elegance. The teardrop-shaped fuel tank, low-slung handlebars, and a single-seat layout all contribute to the retro aesthetic that pays homage to the golden era of motorcycling.

Modern Features

While the TVS Ronin 225 stays true to its heritage roots in terms of design, it is equipped with a host of modern features that enhance performance and rider comfort. The bike comes with full LED lighting all around, including the headlight, tail lamp, and turn indicators, ensuring maximum visibility on the road. Additionally, a digital instrument cluster provides riders with essential information such as speed, fuel level, trip meter, and more, all within easy view.

Engine Performance

At the heart of the TVS Ronin 225 lies a potent 225cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that delivers a balance of power and efficiency. With X horsepower and X Nm of torque on tap, the Ronin 225 offers spirited performance that is perfect for urban commutes and weekend rides alike. The engine is mated to a smooth-shifting 5-speed gearbox that ensures seamless acceleration in all gears.

Chassis and Handling

The TVS Ronin 225 features a lightweight yet robust chassis that is designed to offer agile handling and precise control. The front suspension is handled by telescopic forks, while the rear gets twin shock absorbers, providing a comfortable ride over varied road surfaces. The bike rides on grippy tubeless tires mounted on stylish alloy wheels, offering confidence-inspiring traction in all conditions.

Safety and Braking

Safety is a top priority on the TVS Ronin 225, with the bike being equipped with disc brakes at the front and rear for responsive and confident stopping power. Additionally, the bike comes with dual-channel ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) as standard, ensuring that the wheels do not lock up during hard braking, thus preventing skidding and maintaining stability.

Customization Options

One of the unique features of the TVS Ronin 225 is the ability to customize the bike to suit individual preferences. TVS offers a range of accessories and customization options, including different seat styles, handlebars, and color schemes, allowing riders to personalize their Ronin 225 and make it truly their own.

Price and Availability

The TVS Ronin 225 is competitively priced in the market segment, offering great value for the features it provides. The motorcycle is available for purchase at select TVS dealerships across the country, with various finance options and warranty packages available for prospective buyers.


In conclusion, the TVS Ronin 225 is a stylish and modern take on the classic cafe racer genre, offering a blend of heritage design and contemporary features. With its potent engine performance, agile handling, safety features, and customization options, the Ronin 225 is sure to appeal to riders looking for a unique and engaging riding experience. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the world of motorcycles, the TVS Ronin 225 is a machine that promises to deliver both style and substance on every ride.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is the fuel efficiency of the TVS Ronin 225?
  2. The TVS Ronin 225 is expected to deliver an average fuel efficiency of around X km/l, depending on riding conditions.

  3. Does the TVS Ronin 225 come with a warranty?

  4. Yes, TVS offers a standard warranty package for the Ronin 225, covering certain components for a specific period. Be sure to check with your dealer for more details.

  5. Can I install a aftermarket exhaust system on the TVS Ronin 225?

  6. While it’s technically possible to install an aftermarket exhaust, it is recommended to consult with a qualified mechanic to ensure compatibility and performance.

  7. What are the color options available for the TVS Ronin 225?

  8. The TVS Ronin 225 is available in a range of classic color options, including black, silver, and red, with custom paint schemes available for further personalization.

  9. Is the TVS Ronin 225 suitable for long-distance touring?

  10. While the Ronin 225 is more suited for urban commuting and short rides, with the right accessories and modifications, it can certainly be used for moderate long-distance touring comfortably.

  11. Are there any official performance upgrades available for the TVS Ronin 225?

  12. TVS offers a range of performance upgrades and accessories for the Ronin 225, including high-performance air filters, exhaust systems, and suspension components to enhance the bike’s performance and handling.

  13. How does the TVS Ronin 225 compare to other retro-modern motorcycles in its class?

  14. The TVS Ronin 225 stands out for its unique design language, customization options, and competitive pricing, making it a strong contender in the retro-modern motorcycle segment.

  15. What kind of maintenance schedule does the TVS Ronin 225 require?

  16. Like any motorcycle, the TVS Ronin 225 requires regular maintenance checks, including oil changes, chain lubrication, and brake inspections, as outlined in the manufacturer’s service manual.

  17. Is the TVS Ronin 225 suitable for beginners or novice riders?

  18. The TVS Ronin 225’s user-friendly ergonomics, manageable power delivery, and inherent stability make it a suitable choice for beginners and novice riders looking to start their motorcycling journey with style and performance.

  19. Can I test ride the TVS Ronin 225 before making a purchase?

    • Most TVS dealerships offer test ride facilities for potential customers to experience the performance and handling of the Ronin 225 firsthand before making a purchase decision.


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